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    Bigger Bun Video Hair Tutorial

    If you struggle with thin hair that looks like you put a golf ball on top of your head and called it a “bun”, then this tutorial is for you. My hair is so thin that I can put a ponytail in it using one of those tiny clear elastics that are about a centimeter in diameter. No matter how messy I make my bun, it always looks too small to me. Here is a trick I learned to make your bun bigger, using hair extensions in a certain way.

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    DIY Painted Doormat

    diy doormat

    This quick DIY is all about how to spruce up a plain ole’ doormat. I bought this one from Target with the hopes of painting it. I had high hopes for my design but also had no idea how hard it is to hand paint on these types of mats. So my original plan changed and I went with a saying instead. Spray painting is by far the easiest way to paint these mats, I’ve found. Using a blue spray paint I already had on hand and letter cut outs I made, I now have a doormat that I can love. Read more…


    Quick Guide To Naples, Florida

    A quick travel guide to Naples, Florida

    Location: Naples, Florida

    The city of Naples, Florida is a beautiful place. There are gorgeous beaches, delicious restaurants, and fun things to do. I’m starting to dip my toes into the blogging world of travel and hope to include more of these “quick guides” and possibly some travel video diaries in the future. Don’t get me wrong though, I love DIY and style and it will always be my main content, but I thought it would be fun to include the occasional travel post since I love reading them myself! These posts will probably be more on the rare side but think of them as an added bonus! So with that, my first quick travel guide is to a city I’m a local in. These are my quickly rounded recommendations of where to eat (and what to eat), what to do, where to stay, and where to shop. Do it all in sunny Naples, Florida and a few close surrounding cities. Read more…



    Overalls and a striped shirt

    Top (old – similar) | Overalls (old – similar) | Sunglasses | Shoes
    Bracelet (Olivia & Grace – from Rocksbox use code ‘sweettealblogxoxo’ for free month)

    Happy Thursday! Today is an extra happy Thursday for me because it’s mine and Willie’s 3 year anniversary! I can’t believe it has only been 3 years that we’ve been dating, it feels like it’s been double that. I just don’t know what I ever did without him. He truly is my best friend and he still gives me butterflies to this day. He’s my favorite. But enough with the sappiness, let’s talk overalls. Read more…


    How To Make A Marble Entryway Table

    DIY Marble Entryway Table

    It’s hard for me to pass over white marble, especially when it can be involved in a DIY. Ever since moving into our apartment, I have been thinking of what kind of organization system I wanted to put into place in our small entryway. It is kind of like the dog’s space right there with their food bowls, water bowl, and a hook with their leashes. But I also hung a decent sized mirror and decided I wanted to add a small table under it. I’ve never had an area to leave my purse or keys other than the kitchen island or dining table and I really wanted a space dedicated to that. So like I do with most of my wood DIYs, I headed to Home Depot, with no plans, to get all the supplies I needed. Here’s a tip that I don’t always follow: have all the plans and measurements written down before going to the store.

    So, for this table I wanted to do it all by myself but I found it much easier to enlist my younger brother to help hold the wood together while I “built” it. Turns out it is very hard to build a table by yourself. So with his help, we came up with this awesome (barely planned) entryway table. Read more…


    Dressy Distressed

    Dressy distressed outfit. Asos top.

    Top | Bottoms (old – similar) | Shoes | Sunnies | Lips
    Earrings (Rocksbox – use code “sweettealblogxoxo” for a free month)


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