Fall Classic

    Fall Classic: Outfit. Free People top, high-waisted jean shorts, Dooney & Bourke Indians bag

    TOP: Free People | SHORTS: Hollister (similar) | NECKLACE: Kendra Scott | BAG: Dooney & Bourke
    EARRINGS: Rocksbox (use code “sweettealblogxoxo” for 1 free month) | SHOES: Target (similar)

    Fall is a hard season in Florida. It’s still blistering hot during the day with the occasional freezing night, and by freezing I mean anything under 70 degrees. It’s hard to dress for and hard to wear most “fall styles” that are big in other parts of the country/world. Wearing sandals and shorts is easy throughout the year but when you want to dress for the season, you have to compromise. You won’t see me wearing a leather jacket, jeans, and boots in the middle of the day because, quite frankly, that’s ridiculous here. So if you are stuck in a state that just doesn’t get the fun of fall weather, go for maybe one or two items that remind you of fall. This Free People fringe top reminds me of scarecrows, which are mostly found in the fall. I also think booties when I think fall. So my two pieces I chose to incorporate the season are the fringe sweater top and the booties. By adding them with shorts and a few accessories, this outfit is fit for Florida fall.

    Now can we take a minute to congratulate the Cleveland Indians on making it to the WORLD SERIES?! What?!!?! I may be from Florida, but my family, and Willie’s, are from Ohio! Making us Indians/Buckeyes/Browns/Cavs fans since birth. Baseball is my favorite though. Growing up, my Dad would always take me and my siblings to baseball games whenever the Indians were in town. Willie bought me this Indians bag from Dooney for one of our anniversaries and I love the fun vibe of it. Mixing baseball with Dooney & Bourke……how perfect. Read more…


    Quick Fix: Lace-Up Sandals

    shoe fix: diy lace-up sandals

    TOP: Shop Maude | RUG: RugsUSA

    Gunner is notorious for chewing up my shoes. I’ve had to part ways with slippers, sneakers, and about 6 pairs of sandals because of him and his chewing. He’s gotten better with it now that he’s older and since I don’t leave my shoes out for him to chew, but there is always the occasional victim. One recent victim in particular, my black criss-cross sandals. To be specific, he chewed up the straps in the picture below. On each shoe. Grrr.sandals

    Being the DIY-er that I am, I knew I could salvage the shoes so I cut those two straps off as close to the sole as possible and was left with this: Read more…

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    My 21st Birthday

    What’s my age again? What’s my age again? Oh yeah, 21! Ahhh, finally. It feels so good to be old enough to do anything. Well, except be president. But who wants to be president anymore? My 21st birthday was spent in the city of ATL with my boyfriend and sister. We had a blast. From swimming with whale sharks and manta rays to exploring a new city, it was a trip to remember. We were only in Atlanta for Friday, Saturday, and part of Sunday, October 7th-9th. We flew there and I haven’t been on a plane since I was about 11, so that was exciting! Here is how our trip went…


    • Flew out of Fort Myers in the morning (was supposed to be Miami but Hurricane Matthew made that impossible) and arrived in Atlanta around 11am.
    • Checked into the Omni Hotel at CNN Center in downtown Atlanta and went to the CNN Center to eat.
    • Went to the Georgia Aquarium and swam in the tank with the whale sharks! Highly recommend, it was amazing! They swim right underneath you, almost touching. *See my video, the swim is in it!


    • Walked around the city and explored Georgia Tech’s campus. There are so many hills in Atlanta!
    • Watched fireworks out of our hotel room on the 15th floor. We were actually napping and woke up to the sound of a loud BOOM, thankfully it was just fireworks.
    • Went out for drinks because I turned 21 at midnight!!! 

    Sunday (my birthday!)

    • Ate brunch with Willie’s good friend that lives in Atlanta and I had a mimosa, my fav. 
    • Flew back to Fort Myers at 2pm and went to dinner with my family.

    Our trip was very short and there were so many things I wish we could have done and seen. We will definitely be making a trip back. Also, I’ll be making a travel guide for Atlanta with more places we went to, where we ate, and things you can do if you go, so be on the lookout for that!

    Atlanta Georgia Aquarium 21st Birthday TripAtlanta Georgia Aquarium 21st Birthday TripAtlanta Georgia Aquarium 21st Birthday Trip Atlanta Georgia Aquarium 21st Birthday Trip Atlanta Georgia Aquarium 21st Birthday Trip Read more…

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    Teeth Talk | Smile Direct Club Evaluation Kit

    Hello! Today’s post is all about teeth! It’s something a little different but I thought I’d share in case any of you are in the same boat. The boat being: wanting straight teeth. For years, my top first four teeth have had issues. My two front teeth go inward and the two beside them on each side twist. You can really tell when looking at me from the side. I’ve thought about fixing this problem with Invisalign (not traditional braces because who wants those? C’mon now). However, Invisalign is so freakin’ expensive, like upwards of $3,000 to $8,000. Cut that price in half or more and you have Smile Direct Club. For $1500 you can get the same thing but at a lower price and a lot easier process. It’s all done through the mail and online. I go through everything in the box and do the mold with you in my video!


    There are two options. One time payment of $1500 or a $1735 in total payment plan of $250 down and $99 a month. The price is hard to beat in comparison to their competitors.

    Beginning Process

    The process to begin is simple. You take a short quiz called a smile assessment on their website,, this tells you if you are qualified. Then you will be able to purchase their evaluation kit, this is what will really tell if your qualified and if they can fix your teeth. This kit is 100% refundable if you choose to not go through with treatments. You will also receive a few emails with forms to fill out about your dental history and what you want to fix along with sending in a few pictures of your teeth. All of the information you provide is sent to a state-licensed dental professional in their network for review. Once you send in your evaluation kit, their doctors will provide custom created invisible aligners with a treatment plan for you to purchase.


    Want a discount code to make your evaluation kit $47.50 instead of $95?! Use my code “SWEETTEALSMILE“! After taking the smile assessment and before purchasing the kit, in the bottom left hand corner this is a place to apply the code, just click it and apply. Remember, If you choose not to go through with treatment, your kit is refundable so you have nothing to lose. Smile Direct Club Promo Code SWEETTEALSMILE

    More Questions?

    Visit their FAQs page HERE. It covers general questions on the aligners, pricing, and evaluation and treatment processes and gives helpful answers.

    Smile Direct Club Evaluation Kit Smile Direct Club Evaluation Kit Smile Direct Club Evaluation Kit Smile Direct Club Evaluation Kit Smile Direct Club Evaluation Kit


    Fall DIY: Flowered Pumpkins

    Sweet Teal DIY Flowered Pumpkins for Fall

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    It’s officially Fall, in case you haven’t seen or heard all over social media, or if you don’t own a calendar. It’s the time of year where the leaves turn green, it’s still scorching hot outside, and you see “pumpkin spice” everywhere. Well, that’s if you live in Florida. Supposedly the leaves turn orange and red and fall off trees in other places of the world, yeahhh sure. I’ll believe it when I see it. 

    For all of you who want to make it feel like fall in your home, this DIY is for you! 🙂 I was at Publix recently and bought some tiny pumpkin pie pumpkins, too cute to pass up. With the hopes of using these pumpkins for pumpkin rolls later (recipe to come), I didn’t want to paint them or cut them up just yet. So using some flowers we had in our house, I created the cutest little flowered pumpkins. These would be perfect for the center piece at a fall wedding! If you didn’t want to glue the flowers on, you could also carve out the insides of the pumpkins, fill it with water and put your flowers in it to use as a vase! Read more…


    Vera Bradley

    Sweet Teal by Jenny Vera Bradley Outfit

    TOP: old – similar | JEANS: Charlotte Russe | BAG: c/o Vera Bradley | SHOES: Walmart | NECKLACE: was a gift – similar
    SUNNIES: Asos – similar

    When you think Vera Bradley, you think bright and colorful prints and quilted purses when in reality, they are so much more than that. This Marlo Satchel I have in Downtown Stripes is so perfect. It’s the perfect size to hold my camera and any thing I might need, the perfect color scheme to go with just about anything, and has all the perfect pockets. Vera Bradley is killing it guys.  I mean, how perfect is this backpack? I used to get those small quilted Vera Bradley backpacks that were so huge when I was in middle school and I’m glad to see Vera Bradley is a brand I can grow up with and still love. Plus, right now they are having this super cool campaign on why #itsgoodtobeagirl, you can check it out here. See why I think its good to be a girl on my Instagram, then share why you think its good to be a girl! Sorry boys, this one’s for the girls. Read more…