Sunrise Wear

    Jenny Bess of Sweet Teal wearing Jen's Pirate Booty

    TUNIC: Jen’s Pirate Booty | SHORTS: Levi’s | SWIM TOP: Marysia | SHOES: American Eagle | HAT: DIY
    BAG: Forever 21

    At sunrise everything is better. The salty air is fresh, the lighting is perfect, and the sand is covered in dew. With only a few other souls awake and grasping the beauty of the morning, I discovered why I would ever consider becoming a morning person. 

    This particular morning, a Saturday to be exact, I threw on my swimsuit and coverup of choice and hit the road for a short trip to the beach with Willie. We picked up Dunkin Donuts on the way and were blown away by how beautiful this same old beach was in the morning. The same beach that we’ve been to many times before that’s always been overcrowded. 

    I live for moments like this and memories that are made on a whim. In those moments, I like to be wearing items that allow me to be free. Clothes I feel myself in and I can wear on whatever adventure I end up on. Clothes that are not only stylish, but comfortable as well since comfort is key. Read more…


    DIY Sequin Script Hat

    DIY Sequin Script Sun Hat at the beach

    Sun hats are the perfect accessories for both spring and summer. They block just enough shade and can be very fashionable. A great way to add to a plain and simple sun hat is sequin, specifically sequin script. There are so many cute sayings you could add such as “Chasing Sunshine”, “To The Beach”, or “Shell Yeah” as I chose to go with. This DIY sequin script hat is sure to be a hit anywhere you go.

    This is so simple, you’ll be making hats for all of your friends. It’s easy, cheap, and super cute. I got my hat from Walmart for just under $4! It’s out of stock online but check in store, that’s where I got mine. They also had a few other styles as well. So here is how to make your very own DIY sequin script hat. Read more…

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    My Valentine

    Jenny smelling tulips on Valentine's Day

    Will. Also by the name Willie, Squilliam, or Hunny. My valentine.

    My first true love and my best friend. He has been by my side for almost 4 years now and I can’t image life without him. We always have such a great time together and can make our own fun. Throw in our two pups and we are complete. From the ups, downs, days with the flu, and little fights over who did the dishes last, I wouldn’t change a thing. We have grown so much together over the last few years and I’m proud to call him my Valentine on a day-to-day basis. Read more…


    Off The Shoulder

    Off The Shoulder Make Me Chic Top-14

    TOP: c/o Make Me Chic | JEANS: Charlotte Russe | SHOES: old | SUNNIES: Target | CHOKER: DIY | BAG: DIY

    When the water is just cool enough, the sun is shining, and there is a nice breeze; all benefits of spring. Plus all the florals, pastels, and shorts make spring my favorite season. Summer is scorching hot, the ocean is too cold to swim in during the winter, and the fall color scheme is just not my thing. I’m a pastel girl at heart, in love with the springtime. Easter was always the holiday I felt was most fun growing up. I loved Easter so much that when I got older I adopted a bunny (for my Mom)! Hah. We had our very own Easter bunny.

    While it is not spring just yet, who says we can’t start to dress for it?

    That’s exactly what I’m doing with this off the shoulder eyelet top from Make Me Chic and my most worn booties (which were given to me from my aunt). Sometimes the best clothes are the ones you get as hand me downs. Seriously, these boots were already broken in and now super comfortable. All the hard work was already done! Read more…


    DIY Gathered Tank Top

    DIY Gathered Shona Joy Didier Top

    When I saw this top on Pia Muehlenbeck I fell in love with the unique style of it. It’s sold out so buying it wasn’t an option, plus I can’t find it anywhere. I’m guessing it cost around $275 because I did find it in black with a bit of different fabric here, originally $279. It’s made by Shona Joy and the one Pia was wearing is called the Didier Top. It’s on sale now in case you want to buy it. But if you want to make your own, I’m here for you to make your very own DIY gathered tank top. And you can keep it under $10 for the cost of the fabric and elastic. Read more…

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    TEETH TALK | Smile Direct Club Invisible Aligners

    I’m finally, finally sharing my second video about Smile Direct Club invisible aligners and I started my treatment plan! Since I decided to start my aligners (I chose to do the monthly $99 payment option in case you’re wondering) I have been so glad I did. I can feel my teeth moving and can’t wait to see what they look like in real life after the whole process. I also wanted to note that currently I am almost done with the first week of my third aligner. In the video I say I’m on my second aligner. Yeah, it took a while to finally get this posted. Read more…