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When I moved out of my parent’s house right after graduating high school, I was so excited to be able to decorate my own house any way I wanted. I have a bedroom with so much space and it has an extra add-on room that I transformed into my “makeup room”. I could decorate this space however I wanted, without worrying my roomates wouldn’t like it, and I did. (Even though I pretty much decorated the whole rest of the house the way I wanted too, hehe.)

The first thing I did was buy a desk from Target, which was on sale, for about $98. I had received a target gift card for Graduation which I used for the desk. Buy it here. Then I went thrift shopping at my local Goodwill and Salvation Army.

I found a lamp for $5 without the shade at Goodwill and spray painted it white, then bought a small white lampshade from Target for about $10. I found the vase at Salvation Army for only $1 and bought the fake flowers from Michael’s for about $2.

The big mirror I had been wanting for some time and bought at Target, no giftcard left, for $35. See it here. The two pictures, which I LOVE, are from a shop on named RKHercules, go see it here. I paid about $20 for both pictures and bought frames from Michael’s for around $10 I believe, it was buy one get one free. The mason jar holding my brushes came in a pack of 9 from walmart for about $6 maybe. Everything else I already had.

Overall, I only spent around $84 myself. It was well worth the money to put together something I love and spend time at everyday to put on my makeup at. Oh, all my makeup is in that one drawer, I don’t know how it fit but it did.

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