Spoon Clock Tutorial

I have an easy, creative, and fun do it yourself clock for you to try! I first saw it on Pinterest and thought it would be a lot harder to make than it really is. You can paint the spoons and clock to different colors but I liked the plain white look.

So here’s what you need to make this clock:

First, I broke all my spoons so I just had the tips. This can take a while but I found it pretty fun. I found that if you gentyl cut a dent in the spoons at the part you want them to break at, then it is easier to use your hands to break them the rest of the way.

After breaking the spoons, cut a circle out of cardboard. (I took these pictures after I made the clock, whoops).

spoon clock tutorial diy

After you have a pretty good circle cut out, trace around your clock so you know where to glue the spoons. Then you can start glueing your spoons to the cardboard.

spoon clock tutorial diy

I started glueing the spoons closer to the center first then just worked around that row. You can add as many rows as you’d like to make the clock bigger, all I did was 3 rows.

After the glue dries, you can glue your clock onto the cardboard.

*you can cut a hole in the cardboard where the clocks battery is so you can change them out or change the time.

Then your left with a beautiful clock! I love the look of this clock and the fact that it cost me less than $10 is amazing.

spoon clock tutorial diy Image and video hosting by TinyPic


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