12 Months of Cupcakes + one for your dog

monthly cupcakes and one for your dog

If you haven’t realized by now, cupcakes are a favorite of mine. When I think of baking, the first thing that comes to mind is cupcakes. They are so easy to make and there are a billion different ways to make them. To give you some ideas of different ways to make cupcakes, I put together a list of 12 cupcakes, one for every month. Plus one for your dog, since I am a puppy lover of course.

monthy cupcakes January is a cold month. It falls near the end of winter. So I thought a chocolate cupcake with mint chocolate chip icing would fit January perfectly. Mint chocolate chip ice cream is delicious and cold which I think goes good with this month and Cooking Classy has the recipe.


monthly cupcakeFebruary is the month of love. Valentine’s day is in February, which calls for some lovely cupcakes. Carrie Sellman at The Cake Blog shares these adorable Hershey Kisses cupcakes. Seriously though, are they not the cutest?


monthly cupcakesMarch, march, march. When I think of march, I think of movies for some reason. Even though I’m probably the only person on this planet that thinks of movies when March comes to mind, I’d like to show how incredibly awesome these brown butter salted caramel popcorn cupcakes are. Say that 5 times fast. The recipe for these things is on Urban Bakes.




April is known for Easter. Easter is known as one of my favorite holidays. Someone about finding Easter eggs in odd locations really makes me happy. Take a look at these PEEPS® Chick Cupcakes with a surprise inside from Betty Crocker. They scream Easter and April.


monthly cupcakesMay leads into summer and fresh fruits come to mind. Blackberries are a yummy fruit that I could eat a hundred of in one sitting. These scrumptious cupcakes are from Pizzazzerie and have summer written all over them. P.S. don’t these remind you of the cupcakes they made in Dr. Seuss’ The Cat In The Hat movie?!


monthly cupcakesJune is when it is safe to say it’s officially summer. A cool way to cool down and beat the heat of summer is with watermelon. It is such a common fruit of summer. Unfortunately, I am allergic to watermelon and I cannot enjoy the juicy goodness of one, but I can eat these watermelon cupcakes from Today’s Work At Home Mom.


monthly cupcakesA hot, hot, hot month here in Florida is July. Some days it is hard to just go outside because it’s so freaking hot! Snow cones are icy, cold, and perfect to cool down with. Snow cone cupcake? Um, even better. These babies are from Mami Recetas, yes I know the website is in Spanish and there are no instructions but these pictures given are pretty self explanatory.


monthly cupcakesSHARK WEEK! That’s all I have to say about August. Shark Week on Discovery Channel comes on TV every year in August. So I thought it was only fair to pair up August with a shark themed cupcake seen here.


monthly cupcakesSeptember is when the weather starts to change and the air starts to get colder. Which makes the perfect weather for camping! The main part of cold weather and camping would have to be the bonfires. Bonfires are fun for everyone. You can cook hot dogs on a stick, have s’mores, or share stories. A great way to replicate a campfire without real fire is with these yummy cupcakes, see them here.


octobercupcakeOctober is a creepy, scary month since Halloween is found in it. What better way to spread the Halloween spirit with some bloody, broken glass cupcakes. How cool, right? I love everything about these cupcakes, especially the edible “broken glass”. You can find these cupcakes on Foodista.


monthly cupcakesNovember is the month of Thanksgiving and the weather gets even colder. These beer and pretzel cupcakes remind me of an ice castle with the sharp spikes. I thought this cupcake would also be great for guys in particular since you can enjoy it in the peak of football season. Beer and pretzels? That screams man cupcake to me. Find the recipe on Bakers Royale.


monthly cupcakesDecember is coooooold. A fantastic way to warm up is with hot chocolate. I am dying over how cute these hot chocolate cupcakes are from Cherished Bliss. I mean come on, who wouldn’t go crazy over these mini cakes? Well, probably people who hate chocolate. Luckily, I am not one of those people and can eat these with a big smile on my face.

Don’t forget about the dog!

monthly cupcakesWhile you’re munching down on a new cupcake each month, your dog’s probably wondering why he or she can’t have one. No worries, I have found the solution to your dog’s problem. A PUPCAKE! A special recipe makes this wonderful life savor for your dog. Whether it is their birthday or you are just feeling extra nice one day, be sure to give your puppy one of these pupcakes. This recipe is from Pretty Little Pastimes. I will defiantly be making these for my fur babies.

Which cupcake will you make?
xo jenny



  1. Ac
    December 2, 2014 / 7:30 pm

    this is so creative and cute

  2. December 7, 2014 / 5:06 am

    Love them all especially those shark ones! So cute!

    • Jenny @ Lace & Glaze
      December 8, 2014 / 1:53 pm

      The shark ones were one of my favorites.

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