Moe’s vs. Chipotle

Moe's Southwest Grill vs. versus Chipotle

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I just want to apologize in advance to all of the Chipotle lovers out there, I am about to bash Chipotle.

First off, I had eaten at Chipotle before I ever tried Moe’s Southwest Grill. I really did not like it that much. They barely gave you any food and you can only get rice with cilantro in it, I hate cilantro. I did like the environment of Chipotle though, it seemed new and cool. A while after eating at Chipotle I started dating Will, who works at Moe’s. He took me to Moe’s for my first time and I had a quesadilla. It was delicious. I got chicken, shredded cheese, bacon, black olives, tomatoes, queso, and sour cream in it. That was the start of a beautiful friendship I now have with Moe’s. A couple days ago Will and I decided we wanted to try Chipotle to give it a fair comparison to Moe’s. A Chipotle had just opened up near the Moe’s Will works at so we chose that one and let me just say, it was terrible. Here are some pros and cons of both restaurants.


Chipotle Pros:
NONE (I honestly could not think of any)

Chipotle Cons:

  • Barely any food options (you can get quesadilla, burrito, bowl, or taco. That’s it.)
  • No topping options whatsoever
  • Barely give you any meat (my quesadilla had more tortilla than meat)
  • Takes forever to get food (we waited about 15 minutes in line)
  • Employees do not hold conversation (example: How are you today? They did not even say that)
  • Employees did not ask if I wanted anything else on my quesadilla (only gave me chicken and cheese, barely)
  • Expensive (costs more than Moe’s and you get less)
  • Food made me feel sick
  • Limited seating (Good for big groups but not many tables for smaller groups like couples)
  • No ground beef
  • Cold, Industrial environment

Moe’s Pros

  • Many food options (burritos, quesadillas, bowls, tacos, stacks, salads, etc.)
  • QUESO (everyone loves queso, c’mon)
  • CHILI CON QUESO (queso with ground beef, you have to try it)
  • Coke freestyle machine (at the updated, remodeled Moe’s)
  • Employees hold conversation and are very welcoming
  • Employees greet you when you walk in the door with a big WELCOME TO MOE’S!
  • Employees always, always ask if you would like anything else
  • Free unlimited chips
  • Cheap, great prices for a big amount of food
  • So many toppings options (bacon, olives, peppers, seasonings, dressings, rice and cilantro separate, and ground beef are a few things Moe’s has that Chipotle does not)
  • Give you a ton of meat and toppings (give you so much you can’t even close your burrito or taco sometimes)
  • Warm, welcoming, and home-y environment
  • Healthy food, grass fed beef
  • Vegetarian and Paleo friendly options
  • Cookies

Moe’s Cons

  • You will want to eat there multiple times a day and go broke


Basically, you can make anything Chipotle has at Moe’s for a better price and get more food and even more toppings added. Moe’s is actually faster even when they have less people on the line. When Will and I went to Chipotle there were 7 employees on the line and it still took forever. Moe’s is everything Chipotle is and more.

The only reason I can think of as to why someone would go to Chipotle instead of Moe’s is because they either have never been to Moe’s or they just had one terrible experience and never went back. If you have a bad experience at Moe’s, tell the manager! The manager will make sure you have a great second experience and you might even get a discount, who knows.

Which do you like better, Moe’s or Chipotle, and why?

xo jenny



  1. October 13, 2014 / 7:14 pm

    I’m a chipotle fan because their ingredients are sourced locally and I love their corn salsa. I skip most of what you don’t like about chipotle. lol. Our Moes is not good at all. We have a local burrito place called Barberritos and they give most of the burrito places a run for their money. We have four here!

    • Jenny @ Lace & Glaze
      October 13, 2014 / 8:14 pm

      I guess it just depends on the area then. All of the Chipotles where I live are just disapointing and the Moe’s are fantastic. I’ve never heard of Barberritos but if I ever come accross one I’ll be sure to try it.

  2. October 22, 2014 / 8:42 pm

    Ahhh, I have to disagree, but it’s interesting to hear your perspective! I really don’t like Moe’s – I’ve had bad experiences at both of them I’ve been to. Tasteless food at the ones I’ve been to. I love the free chips and salsa, though. 🙂 I’m definitely a Chipotle girl and could eat there every day. I’ll be honest, though. The Chipotle in the new city I live in is not half as good as the ones I had when I lived in a bigger city. It’s a long wait, not much food for what you pay for, etc. I’m hoping they figure it out because it’s my favorite place to eat!

    • Jenny @ Lace & Glaze
      October 22, 2014 / 9:02 pm

      I just recently went to a Moe’s on the University of South Florida’s campus and it was horrible. I couldn’t even eat my quesadilla because the tortilla was falling apart and they put waaay too much sour cream on it. So I guess it really does depend on which Moe’s/Chipotle you go to. But I hope your Chipotle gets better! And maybe my Chipotle will get better too so I can try them out again.

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