Chicken & Bacon Pasta

I constantly find myself coming home from work, hungry, and not wanting to cook. I get home so late that I just want to go straight to bed, but I can’t because I’m hungry. Last night I came up with this fun little mixture of chicken and bacon pasta. It pretty quick to make and tastes soooo good.


• 2 chicken breasts (thawed)
• Pasta of your choice
• 6 pieces of turkey bacon
• Garlic powder
• Salt
• Pepper
• Nature’s Seasoning (available at Publix)


Starting with the chicken breasts, cut them up into small bite-sized pieces. Sprinkle them with a bit of garlic powder, salt, pepper, and Nature’s Seasoning. Put the pieces of chicken in a pan on medium high heat and let them cook until they are white in the middle. While your cooking the chicken, you can cook the pasta too. Cook it just like you normally would, in a pot of boiling water. If your really good at multitasking you can cook the bacon while you cook the chicken and pasta. I had my boyfriend Will cook the bacon though. He just cooked it in a separate pan on the stove. Cut up the bacon into small pieces when it’s done cooking. After everything is done, you just mix it all together and add sprinkle cheese. The sprinkle cheese gives it a little something extra, you don’t need a sauce for this dish with it.

This pasta is honestly my new favorite dinner dish. It’s got the perfect mix of everything yummy, at least I think so.

image (4)

What’s your favorite pasta dish?

xo jenny


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