DIY Drop Cloth Mermaid Shower Curtain

diy drop cloth mermaid shower curtain

I have had SO much trouble finding a shower curtain that I love for a good price. I almost gave up but then I came across a post on Pinterest by The Cozy Old Farmhouse. Although I did my curtain a little different, it is a great idea. Drop cloths can be used for a ton of different things. Actually, I’m thinking about recovering my couch in drop cloth! Hah, maybe one day. For now let’s stick to this simpler task. My theme for my apartment is beachy vintage so I opted for a mermaid on my shower curtain. The year 1995 is when I was born, I couldn’t think of a year to put so I went with my birthday.

Here’s what you need:

  • 9′ by 12′ canvas drop cloth (Mine is from Walmart)
  • Black paint
  • Beeswax
  • Painter’s tape
  • Stencils
  • Sponge or paint roller
  • Tape measure
  • Curtain hooks (Home Depot)
  • Plastic shower curtain (Home Depot)

The first thing you need to do is wash your shower curtain. I added some bleach in with mine to whiten it more. After it’s dry you can lay it out on the floor and start taping your stripes. I highly recommend doing this on tile or on top on cardboard. The paint will leak through. It’s easier to wipe the paint off tile than it is to scrub it out of a rug or carpet. For the stripes I spaced them 2 inches for the thicker one and 1 inch for the smaller one. You will also probably need to trim the length of the drop cloth. Mine hung about a foot and a half too low once I hung it up.

diy drop cloth mermaid shower curtain diy drop cloth mermaid shower curtain 2

Next, using your alphabet letters, make up a nautical company and add your birthday in there for when it was established. Be sure to tape them down too.

diy drop cloth mermaid shower curtain 1

I found a mermaid online and cut her out with my exacto knife. The mermaid silhouette I used is located here. You are going to use the paper you cut her out of to paint, not the one pictured below. For her arms I cut two pieces of tape the same size as the white space triangles in between her arms and just put the tape on the drop cloth.

diy drop cloth mermaid shower curtain 4

Now you are ready to start painting! I found that it was a lot easier to use the sponge for the letters and mermaid and then the roller for the stripes. After painting the letters, be sure to remove the stencils so that the cardboard they are made out of does not stick to what you painted. This happened to me.

diy drop cloth mermaid shower curtain 6

When all of the paint is dry you can use your stick of beeswax and rub it over the paint. It’s the same technique I use to make shoes waterproof. You heat up the beeswax with a blow dryer and it becomes a waterproof layer. Your paint won’t wash off if you decide to wash your shower curtain.

diy drop cloth mermaid shower curtain 3

To hang the curtain I just purchased these clear shower hooks from Home Depot and cut small holes into the drop cloth, after spacing them evenly of course.

diy drop cloth mermaid shower curtain 7

I also hung a plastic shower curtain for the inside of the shower so that it keeps the water inside the tub.

diy drop cloth mermaid shower curtain 12 diy drop cloth mermaid shower curtain 8 diy drop cloth mermaid shower curtain

All in all, I love my new shower curtain. It was the first thing I put up when I moved into my new apartment. Literally, I got the keys to the home, went straight to the bathroom, and hung up my curtain. I hadn’t seen it hung yet and was so relieved when it looked perfect. It’s the simplest dash of an ocean feel and looks kind of vintage. I can’t wait to finish decorating my bathroom and show the final reveal.

What have you made with drop cloth?



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