DIY Gladiator Sandals

diy gladiator sandals for under $25
I have been dying to get a pair of brown gladiator sandals. Ever since I was young I have loved lace up shoes. I used to wear my converse with the laces tied up around my legs like a ballerina in middle school. Recently, I bought this pair of sandals from Target and a light bulb went off in my mind. I realized they would be the perfect bases for gladiator sandals. So off to Joann’s Fabrics I went. I found some leather string that was a bit lighter than the shoes but matched the width of the straps on my Target shoes. They turned out sort of ombre in the end and I think they look even better with the different colors. Store bought brands of these same type of shoes range from $90 to $1,400. Mine only costed me $22.50.

What you need:

  • Sandals (get these from Target)
  • Hot glue gun (optional)
  • 6 yards of leather string (I got mine from Joann’s)
  • Needle and thread

gladiator sandals

The first step is to cut your 6 yards of leather string in half to make 3 yards. Then you will cut those two 3 yard pieces in half again so that you are left with 4 equal strands. I first tried to glue the strands on but learned the glue did not hold for longer than a few minutes. So what I did was take 1 strand and wrap it twice around the strap on the sandal, like in the picture below, and hot glue it to stay in place while I sewed. Then I took a needle and thread and sewed the leather strap to itself. I did not sew it to the base sandal strap so that I could move it around on the sandal. Repeat that step 4 times. Then all you do is tie them around your legs and make a bow, so that it will stay. To take them off your just untie them. You can wear them wrapped high to your knees or low towards your ankles.

diy gladiator sandals gladiator sandals 2diy gladiator sandals diy gladiator sandals 8 diy gladiator sandals for under $25

Breaking down the cost:

Sandals – $7.50 (Buy 1 get 1 50% off)
6 yards of leather string – $15 (with coupon & student discount)

Total cost = $22.50

As compared to Miu Miu sandals for $690, K. Jacques sandals for $265, and Valentino sandals for $1,495.

Would you wear the sandals I made?




  1. July 20, 2015 / 10:37 am

    Absolutely fabulous!! I’d LOVE to sport a pair! Thanks for the great tutorial! 🙂

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