DIY Walmart Table Makeover


When I first moved out of my parent’s house, I really did not have much money saved up. I was moving into a 3 bedroom 2 bath house with my boyfriend along with my brother. We had to fill an entire house with furniture and we didn’t have much money so I guess you could say we were a bit scared. Thankfully my Dad bought us a few items, including this dining table. This dining table and chairs from Walmart was $109 and after that first year in that house, it defiantly showed some signs of wear and tear. That’s probably because I did a lot of crafts and painting on it instead of eating, haha. So before we moved into our new apartment I decided to give the table and chairs a makeover. You can see how I did the chairs here.

What You Need:


Assuming you already have this table from Walmart, or one similar, you are ready to start making it into something beachy chic. I originally was going to get 1 x 4 x 8 pieces of wood but at Home Depot, they didn’t have any in the type I wanted. So I opted for 2 x 4 x 8 pieces. The 1 x 4s would work too though. You only need 3 pieces of wood since you will be cutting them in half. They will do this for you for free at Home Depot. 

Once you acquire the wood and sand it to make it smooth, you can line up the pieces on top of the Walmart table. Glue them down to the table with wood glue. I glued the wood but you can also nail the wood down to the table. 


Next, you will paint strokes of the white chalk finish paint on the wood. Don’t paint all over, just random strokes so it looks something like the picture below.

table tablestain

The gray stain will be applied next with the foam brush. Paint it all over the wood then pat the excess off with a paper towel.


The table will then look like the picture above but this is not the final product we want. Sand the table down a bit and then apply some more of the white paint and gray stain until it looks smoother and lighter like below. 

IMG_0933IMG_0925IMG_0931 IMG_0930diy walmart dining table makeover

For the legs of the table I just painted them with the same white chalk finish paint I used on the top of the table. I kind of messily painted the legs to give it more of a rustic look. So how did I keep it under $26?? Well I already had the table and the rest is broken down like this…

3 Pieces of wood – $9
Americana chalk finish paint – $7.99 from Joann Fabrics
Minwax Gray Stain – $7.77
Foam brush – $.77
I had the rest of the items on hand already.
Total: $25.53

I think the whole look of the new table and chairs gives a really beachy chic vibe. A huge upgrade from what it was before. I’m so in love with my dining table now.signature



  1. August 30, 2015 / 11:03 am

    I love this idea! I have an old table in our kids play room that I should do this to! It looks so easy and fun.

  2. Paige
    February 8, 2017 / 8:29 am

    Hi! I am totally doing this but was curious what of paint or the process for the metal chairs to keep from chipping. I was thinking of a gold, didn’t know if spray paint or any prep is needed for the metal? Thanks!

    • Jenny Bess
      February 9, 2017 / 12:22 am

      You would definitely want to use a primer. I’m not sure if they make one specifically for metal but you could go to Ace Hardware/Home Depot/Lowe’s and ask the paint people. I was going for the “chipped” vintage look so I didn’t prime.

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