Currently Loving: Light Wash Denim, Mario Badescu, Statement Rugs

currently loving: mario badescu, light wash denim, statement rugs
I am in love with a lot of things. Willie, my pups, the color teal, ducks sliding down slides, basically a whole lot of things. Since I love so many things, I decided to share a bit of my current obsessions with you all. These are some things or products that I recommend, love, or can’t get enough of.

Light Wash Denim

I cannot get enough of light wash denim! I love wearing lights because they give off a fresh and clean look. My favorite pair of shorts are Levi’s in a light wash. You might be able to tell they are my fav because they are in a lot of my Instagram posts. They also make for really cute summer outfits. I just purchased this skirt from Forever 21 and can’t wait to style it for summer outfits.

Mario Badescu

Where has this stuff been all my life?! Oh my goodness I love this skin care line. I’ve only just started using it, like this week, but it works! A friend recommended it to me and I’m hooked. I got the drying lotion and drying mask and within 3 days of using it, it has cleared up my skin. Ulta has a whole section of this stuff. You can get free samples on the Mario Badescu website too after you take the skin analysis quiz. The quiz helps to determine which kind of skin you have: oily, dry, combination, etc. It then recommends you products based on your skin type. Online I purchased the Special Cleaning Lotion “O” and actually got four free samples. This line of products are the only things that have worked for me recently to keep my skin free of blemishes. I have tried a lot of different products and I thought no kind of cleansers or products would work for me but this skin care line has! I can’t wait to see the long term results. I definitely recommend trying this stuff out. It’s worth it!

Statement Rugs

I’m really into rugs. OK, I’m a little obsessed with rugs. Ever since I found, I just can’t stop loving rugs. I’m in need of a new rug for our living room in our next apartment (yes, we are moving!) and I’m leaning towards a bright pink or blue rug. My plan is to have everything else in neutral colors like whites and greys and then have a few pieces that pop, one of those being a rug. I’m leaning towards something like this or this. I totally dig rugs that are fun colors, but they need to have a settle pattern. If you are going with a bright color, you need to tone down on the pattern. I love the way this dining room is styled with a bright pink rug and Gray Malin photography throughout to balance it. 

Do you have anything you are currently loving? Tell me about it in the comments below!


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