How To: Rope Dog Leash

diy how to make a rope dog leash

Rope dog leashes like this are very nautical and look great. You can use them for a wedding, dog photo shoot, or as an everyday leash. I love how tough they are as well. Plus, you can wash them! I’ve washed one before with just soap and water and it did the trick. I use these leashes with both Colt and Gunner. If you have a gigantic dog or teeny tiny pup, you can just use a thicker or thinner rope. I get all of my cotton rope my Knot & Rope Supply and they have many different sizes.

I hope my video tutorial helps explains things better. Let me know if you have any trouble making one. Enjoy!

Supplies Needed:

diy how to make a rope dog leashdiy how to make a rope dog leashHave you ever made your own dog leash?


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