DIY Painted Doormat

diy doormat

This quick DIY is all about how to spruce up a plain ole’ doormat. I bought this one from Target with the hopes of painting it. I had high hopes for my design but also had no idea how hard it is to hand paint on these types of mats. So my original plan changed and I went with a saying instead. Spray painting is by far the easiest way to paint these mats, I’ve found. Using a blue spray paint I already had on hand and letter cut outs I made, I now have a doormat that I can love.

Prep It

Do It

Gather up your materials and follow the steps below.

diy doormat

Step 1

Draw your design on paper. I used copy paper, nothing fancy. I used about 6 pieces of paper for my block letters. Then cut out your design/letters.

Step 2

Place your letters on your mat exactly how you want them painted. All the pink paper is doing is just covering the borders of the mat. You will want to place something heavy around the paper as well to keep it in place, that’s what the rocks are for, also because it was pretty windy outside that day.

DIY Painted Doormat

Step 3

Start spray painting over the papers. They might fly away with the wind of the spray, so make sure to hold the letters down. A black spray paint would show up a lot better but I have a thing for the color blue, in case you couldn’t tell.

diy doormatdiy doormat diy doormat diy doormat  diy doormat diy doormat diy doormat diy doormat

This DIY doormat is really pretty easy. The hardest part is cutting out your design from paper, lol. You could just use store bought stencils if you wanted. If you’re not a crazy dog person, some other saying I think would be cute on a doormat are:

What’s up buttercup?

You better have my pizza

You might be at the right house, or maybe I’m at the wrong house

Hey, nice underwear

I hope you like cats

Whatever you choose, it’s always fun to customize something yourself. Happy DIY-ing!


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