Quick Fix: Lace-Up Sandals

shoe fix: diy lace-up sandals

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Gunner is notorious for chewing up my shoes. I’ve had to part ways with slippers, sneakers, and about 6 pairs of sandals because of him and his chewing. He’s gotten better with it now that he’s older and since I don’t leave my shoes out for him to chew, but there is always the occasional victim. One recent victim in particular, my black criss-cross sandals. To be specific, he chewed up the straps in the picture below. On each shoe. Grrr.sandals

Being the DIY-er that I am, I knew I could salvage the shoes so I cut those two straps off as close to the sole as possible and was left with this:

shoe fix: diy lace-up sandals

Honesty, I could have just cut the four loops off and had regular ‘ole flip-flops, but I wanted something a little cuter. Since the loops were intact, I decided to use them to make the sandals lace-up. By using a piece of black suede string cut at 46″ for each shoe, I put it through the loops and then tie it up my legs each time I wear them. I love the look of these simple lace-up sandals and I’m glad I didn’t just throw them out.

shoe fix: diy lace-up sandalsshoe fix: diy lace-up sandals shoe fix: diy lace-up sandals shoe fix: diy lace-up sandals


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