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Studio Gear Primer Review

I was able to review Studio Gear’s Prime Objective Skin Perfecting Primer, say that 10 times fast, and decided I need to share it with all of you! Now let me start by telling you why I love using primers before putting on my foundation. First of all, it provides a layer between my skin and the foundation, not letting the foundation sink into my pores. There is nothing worse than having your makeup setting in every crevice and deep dark pore in your face. Second, it visibly reduces imperfections and fine lines. This primer also has a milk protein complex that helps to balance and protect the skin against environmental stresses. By being paraben-free, fragrance-free, and retinol, it’s pretty much the perfect primer. 

Now you may be asking, “but Jen does it really do all those good things and how does it feel on?” Well after wearing it for a few days, all day, and under different foundations each day, sorry if that confused you, it does do the job. When applying it, the product has a velvet-like feel. I use one pump to cover my whole face, applying it with clean hands. Then foundation goes right on top and whatever else I feel like wearing that day. The way it makes my skin feel smooth as ever and look flawless is the real reason I continue to use it. However, I’ve noticed towards the end of the day the primer makes my foundation sort of melt off my face around my nose and chin area. That being besides the point, the benefits this primer provides outweigh that tiny negative.

To read more of the benefits of Prime Objective, just click here

Studio Gear Primer Review Studio Gear Primer Review Studio Gear Primer Review Studio Gear Primer Review Studio Gear Primer Review

*Thank you to Studio Gear for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.


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