Sweater Blues

Maude Sweater Outfit

TOP: Brandy Melville | SWEATER: Maude | LEGGINGS: ASOS | BOOTS: old (similar) | PURSE: DIY
CHOKER: Charlotte Russe

The last day of November is upon us and I can’t believe tomorrow will be December already. I feel like this year just flew by. I’m excited for winter because Christmas. Need I say more? It’s truly my favorite time of year. But can we take a moment to hate on how the sun sets so early? Ugh, I hate it. Bring back the light! I’ll compromise as long as this winter will be a cold one. I want to wear bigger sweaters and jackets and layers! What even is a parka?! It’s a foreign word to me, lol. For now though, this sweater from Maude will do. By that I mean I’ll be wearing this sweater every day until it gets cold because 1. It’s blue and 2. It’s unique. I love that this sweater is so different than any others I’ve found. I love wearing either a white or black tank under it but a bralette could go as well. It’s called customization people, get with it!

P.S. Starting now, in every single outfit post I do, I am going to include/be wearing at least one item that I made myself. I thought it would be a fun way to melt style + DIYs together. Be sure to follow me on Instagram because before I post the outfit or the DIY tutorial on my blog, I’m going to be posting a picture on there for you all to guess which item in the outfit is DIY-ed! Super fun, huh? Tell me what you think about this idea! For this outfit, I made the purse!

Maude Sweater OutfitMaude Sweater Outfit Maude Sweater OutfitMaude Sweater OutfitMaude Sweater Outfit Maude Sweater Outfit


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