Gift Guide For Creatives

Holiday Gift Guide For Creatives

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Giving season is here and it’s time to start buying presents! Or making presents if you’re a DIY-er. Being a person who loves to make things, express myself through fashion, and so much more, I’d love anything on this list. If you have someone in your life, like a blogger, or someone who loves to be creative or artsy, this will be helpful to you. I chose all of these items for a reason and I hope that you can find something for at least one creative person on your list.

1. iPad Pro: A tablet designed with good looks and productivity in mind. The Pro is a powerful iPad. With cameras built in and the ability to use it as a work tool, this iPad is sure to be a hit. It’s easily portable and can help get work done.

2. Tarteist Pro Palette: This palette is perfect for the beauty lover in your life! Tarte’s Tateist Pro Palette is super pigmented and has a nice range of colors with both mattes and shimmers. I consider makeup an art and creativity can come into play. There are many YouTube tutorials using this palette already and it’s amazing to say the least.

3. Wacom Intros Drawing Pen & Tablet: Being both Mac and Windows compatible, this drawing pad with suit anyone. I’ve had my eye on this baby for a while. It’s pretty affordable and I’ve read a lot of great reviews. For someone who wants to get into digital drawing or making prints to sell on Etsy, this would be perfect. Being a blogger, I’d love to have this to design new blog logos of my own. It seems like a lot of fun and there are so many possibilities with it.

4. Brydge Keyboard: Making iPads look and work like computers is the Brydge Keyboard. This item is very cool. It’s not one of those floppy silicone keyboards, it’s a sturdy high-grade aluminum one. It even matches your iPad’s color to be aesthetically pleasing. Using this keyboard with an iPad Pro would be the closest thing to having an actual Macbook, but saving a ton of money. Paring the two would make for easy travel and the ability to write a blog post or type a paper from anywhere. Brydge makes keyboards for pretty much any iPad so you aren’t limited to one type. If you have someone on your list with an iPad already, this would be a great gift. For a limited time for the holidays, Brydge is offering discounts on all models of keyboards as well as bundle deals with accessories. I mean seriously, how cool is it that you can transform your iPad into a “laptop”. It looks amazing, it’s sturdy, and it’s very helpful. Get yours here!Brydge Keyboard5. Boohoo Over The Knee Boots: An affordable pair of trendy OTK boots. I just bought a pair of flat ones very similar to these and love them! Heel or no heel is the question. For the fashionista on your list, if she doesn’t have a pair already, she will most likely love these. There are constantly sales and promo codes for Boohoo as well. I got my pair 50% off! If you can afford it though, the ultimate pair of thigh highs is Stuart Weitzmans and these ones are 40% off!

6. Vera Bradley Backpack: I love the stitching and boho feel of this backpack. It’s black so it can go with most outfits and it’s the perfect size to carry around essentials. Being a creative, I always want to bring my DSLR around with me but it’s too bulky to put in a purse and it can get heavy sitting on one shoulder. A backpack would solve that issue and you could even fit a small laptop, iPad, or change of clothes too. Creatives do need something to lug all of there creative tools around in!

7. Kate Spade Coffee Mugs: Being creative can certainly drain you. A cup of coffee, or a cup of ice cream, is sometimes the best cure for feeling tired or overworked. These Kate Spade coffee mugs are perfect for the season since they have holiday cookies on them, how cute! 

8. Fujifilm Instax Camera: Have a photographer in your life? This little gift is perfect! Bringing the Polaroids back in style is this Fujifilm camera. It’s perfect for quick snaps. You can even use the photos as decor around the home. Photographer, decorator, instagrammer, this camera can be of use to pretty much anyone. There are tons of color options so you can get their favorite color.

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