Grinchmas at Universal Studios

Grinchmas at Universal Studios

Grinchmas is at Universal Studios! Willie and I went to it the first weekend of December, which is also the first weekend it opened. We have annual passes so we decided to just drive up for the day since we’ve never been to Universal during the holidays. We mainly stuck to Suess Landing for this trip because that’s where all of the festivities are. Grinchmas is really just where they decorate Suess Landing (which is Dr.Suess everything, think cat in the hat) with Christmas trees, ornaments, and wacky decorations. People from Whoville walk around with the pointy noses too. I’d really love to know how they do that makeup! There is a Grinch play/show which is the main attraction, it’s actually really good too. It follows the movie pretty closely and his some added humor. I enjoyed it. Look out for the little clip of the show in my video!

So thanks for watching this fun little vid I put together and let me know if you’d like to see similar videos to this one or more of Universal since we will for sure be back before our passes expire in a couple months. 


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