Holiday DIY: Oranaments On A Branch

Bulb Ornamentes On a Tree Branch For Holiday Home Decor

Minimalism is my new favorite decor theme. I hate having an overcrowded room filled with junk I really don’t need. Playing off of my last DIY using ornaments, I left a few bulbs out because I had the idea of hanging them on a branch. I stole a few branches from my Mom’s house after they did yard work since I hate seeing things go to waste when I know I can re-purpose them. One of those branches got a nice paint job and was set to hang above my bed. I love how simple it turned out and aesthetically pleasing it is paired with the rest of my furniture in the room. I’ll probably only have the ornaments up for the holidays and then hang other things on it, the possibilities are endless.

Prep It

Do It

  1. Stain the branch white. I did two coats with a paint brush and used my new favorite stain from DecoArt because it’s a color stain and sealant in one. Perfect for wood projects since you always want to seal them. This is the same color I used on my coffee table (coming soon). I wanted a white color but also some of the natural color of the branch to show through so that’s why I went with a stain instead of a paint.
  2. Tie string to the tops of the ornaments in a knot. I gave each bulb a pretty long piece of string and then later sized them on the branch and cut off the excess.


3. Hang the branch from the ceiling (or close to it). I already had nails in my wall near the ceiling from my flower wall and used two of those. Using fishing line, I cut two pieces at 38″ and tied them about 5 inches in from the edges of the branch. Then just tie a loop on the other end of the line and hang it on the nails.

4. Tie the ornaments to the branch. You could do this before hanging the branch but I wanted to see exactly where they would hang once above my bed. I hung the eight bulbs at random heights with the same distance between each other. Just knot the string to the branch and cut off the excess.



holiday-diy-branch-decor-9Holiday DIY ornaments on a branch by Jenny Bess at Sweet Teal holiday-diy-branch-decor-13Holiday DIY Ornaments On A Branch by Jenny Bess at Sweet Teal

I saw something similar to this DIY on Pinterest but instead of ornaments they hung stockings. I love that idea. It would be perfect to hang in a living room that doesn’t have a fireplace. Two years ago we hung our stockings straight up on the wall with tape. It would have looked 10x better if the stockings were on a branch instead. Ohhhh well, you live and you learn. If I had more wall space in my living room now, I would totally be doing stockings on a branch.

What do you normally hang your stockings on?


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