Life Update + Macbook Air Giveaway

Jenny typing on Macbook Air for Giveaway

MacBook Air Giveaway by Jenny Bess at Sweet TealMacBook Air Giveaway by Jenny Bess at Sweet Teal

Happy Thursday! Today is actually my Friday and I’m ecstatic about it. I cannot wait for this weekend to craft, create, and also bake Christmas cookies. Before I get to the Macbook Air Giveaway, I wanted to include a little life update list in this post, so here it is….

  1. I got bangs! Cut them myself, even though my Mom’s a cosmetologist….
  2. If Gunner wants something now instead of whining, he starts to growl. I think he’s fed up with my crap, lol.
  3. Loving the show Last Man Standing. We just started watching it on Netflix and it’s hilarious.
  4. I may have overdone it with plants in my house, there are too many to handle. I think I’m going to replace them with fake ones.
  5. In all of my style posts from now on I’m going to be wearing at least one item I made and I’m super excited about it. See my first post here including a purse I made.
  6. We finally have a coffee table after going two years without one. P.S. we made it. P.P.S. the tutorial is coming!
  7. I have two exams left this semester then I’m done! One more math class and I’ll have my associates.
  8. I am determined to see snow this winter, I don’t care where it is.
  9. I have a ton of fun collaborations coming up and new video ideas in the works! Think: lookbook.
  10. My favorite holiday movie is The Polar Express, what’s yours?

In other news, I recently purchased a Macbook Air and I am in love with it. Ever since I was little, I’ve always wanted an Apple laptop, I always thought they were so slick and aesthetically pleasing. That $1000 price tag did not play well with me though. I purchased one refurbished from Walmart and saved about $500, I didn’t care if it had a few dents or scratches as long as it worked flawlessly, and it does. If you are like me and always dreamed of owning a Macbook, you are in luck! You can enter to win one below in this Macbook Air Giveaway, plus it’s gold!

Good luck in the giveaway and don’t forget, for every follow/like/subscribe it’s another entry! More chances to win!

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