DIY For Less: Thigh High Boots

DIY Thigh High Boots by Jenny Bess at Sweet Teal

Old chewed up boots (thanks Gunner) + faux suede fabric = DIY thigh high boots!

I’m starting a new series on this blog of mine to help all my fellow DIY-ers who want to save money when it comes to fashion and it’s starting right NOW! I spend probably the better half of my days scrolling through websites shopping online, because I’m addicted to shopping (I’m working on it, ok). I always come across clothes or shoes that I love but also think “I can make that…” and for a lot less than it would cost to buy. While I’ve done a few DIYs in the past that are revolved more around recreating something expensive for less, I want to start focusing some of my projects mainly on this. Starting with thigh high boots because of the season, that’s why.

Thigh highs really started to get popular last winter with Stuart Weitzman boots that cost hundreds, even thousands, of dollars. They are the perfect over-the-knee thigh high boot though, which they better be for that price tag. I could never justify spending that much on a pair of shoes I’d wear only a few times a year. So in this video I will show you how to recycle a pair of booties you already have or can thrift and turn them into thigh highs for super cheap!

I’ll even let you in on a little secret on how to get them to actually stay up at your thighs and not fall down like so many do that just tie. You can watch the video to see how I made these boots but I also included detailed instructions below!

Prep It

  • Booties
  • Faux suede fabric (*stretchy)
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine
  • Elastic
  • Clips
  • Safety pins
  • Red lip liner (or chalk)

DIY Thigh High Boots by Jenny Bess ay Sweet Teal

Do It

1. You can use whatever booties you already have, the ones I’m using are not tight to my ankle so I cut off the tops so that they will be in the end. 

DIY Thigh High Boots by Jenny Bess ay Sweet Teal DIY Thigh High Boots by Jenny Bess ay Sweet Teal

2. Using your stretchy fabric, wrap it around your leg at the height you want your boot to fall and then clip it tight against your leg. (Refer to my video to see how I did this part)

DIY Thigh High Boots by Jenny Bess ay Sweet Teal

3. Using your marker (red lip liner shows up well on dark fabric) draw along the line where you clipped the fabric to your leg. 

4. Cut out the line you drew plus but leave at least an inch for seam allowance. Then lay it on another piece of fabric to cut out for your other boot. I left a bunch of excess on the bottom because I didn’t know exactly how it was going to fit my bootie. So depending on the size of your bootie, you’ll want to cut off the excess so that the line you sew can match up with the back of your bootie. 

DIY Thigh High Boots by Jenny Bess ay Sweet Teal DIY Thigh High Boots by Jenny Bess ay Sweet Teal

5. Pin your sides together then sew.

DIY Thigh High Boots by Jenny Bess ay Sweet Teal DIY Thigh High Boots by Jenny Bess ay Sweet Teal

6. The rest can be seen in the video, I didn’t take photos 🙁 sorry!! But you just flip the sewn “tube” inside out and line up the bottom seam with the bottom of the back of your bootie. Glue this down with the Unique Stitch. Then you will need to cut the front of the fabric down the front of the boot and glue it to the sides. You’ll have excess fabric (at least you should, make sure you do!)

7. Using an extra piece of fabric, glue it to the middle of the front of the boot then stretch it out to glue it to the other parts of the bootie. Smooth it out so there aren’t any air bubbles. Cut off any excess fabric.

8. For the tops of the boots, you’ll need to fold them inwards and sew all the way around except for an inch of it. Loop the elastic through. It is easier to attach a safety pin to the end of the elastic and loop that through. *Measure the elastic to wrap around your leg but tight enough so that it won’t fall down your leg.

9. Either attach the safety pin to the other side of the elastic and leave it like that or sew the ends together. 


If you have any questions on any parts of the process, just ask me! I know this whole tutorial might sound a bit confusing but it’s a lot easier than it sounds/looks! And of course, if you try this tutorial I’d love to see! You can email me at or tag me on Instagram or Twitter @sweettealblog.

If you don’t have time to recreate your own thigh high boots, you can shop the ones below! I found cheaper alternatives to the highly expensive Stuart Weitzman boots


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