My Valentine

Jenny smelling tulips on Valentine's Day

Will. Also by the name Willie, Squilliam, or Hunny. My valentine.

My first true love and my best friend. He has been by my side for almost 4 years now and I can’t image life without him. We always have such a great time together and can make our own fun. Throw in our two pups and we are complete. From the ups, downs, days with the flu, and little fights over who did the dishes last, I wouldn’t change a thing. We have grown so much together over the last few years and I’m proud to call him my Valentine on a day-to-day basis.

Now to talk about this day. Valentine’s day isn’t about the presents, flowers, or the chocolate. It’s about spending time with the one you love. Or if you are single, spend it with your best friends or family. It’s the day of love so surround yourself with just that– love! Today and everyday should be spent with whomever makes you happy. Don’t let this silly day get you down if you don’t receive that box of chocolates or gigantic teddy bear you’ve been eyeing. Those things are just things. People, however, are what makes life worth living.

While some may think that today is a made up holiday, because let’s be real IT IS, the day is also a good excuse to be extra lovey dovey and romantic. Go on an adventure today, do something different. Don’t just go see a movie or go to dinner. Have fun with it! If you need ideas, read my post from last year. It’s filled with great ideas to get out of the norm.

As for Willie and I, our Valentine’s Day will be spent just being together (after work). I will cook him a nice dinner (mahi mahi!) and we will possibly have a pillow fight, take a dip in the hot tub, or build a blanket fort like we did last year because you’re never too old for that.

P.S. scroll to the bottom of this post to see my outfit details!

Jenny and Will of Sweet Teal VDAYCouple kissing on Valentine's Day

OK seriously, Charlotte Russe is the sweetest. They spoiled me with these chocolates, purse, some cat ear lace headbands, and a heart shaped pillow that says “CR It Girl 4-Eva”. If Willie wasn’t my Valentine, Charlotte Russe would come in on top.

TOP: DIY | JEANS: Charlotte Russe | BOOTS: Boohoo (DIY your own!)
LIPS: Kylie Lip Kit “Mary Jo K” | PURSE: c/o Charlotte Russe

I hope you have a great VDay and be sure to tell the ones you love that you love them, today and everyday! You shouldn’t need today as an excuse to do what you could do every other day. And remember: if you don’t have a “valentine” today it’s not the end of the world. Spoil yourself with a bottle of wine and flowers.

*A special thanks to my brother Joey for taking these photos and Charlotte Russe for being my other Valentine. 🙂


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