DIY FOR LESS: Wildfox Tee

Buy Me A Whiskey DIY FOR LESS Wildfox Tee by Jenny of Sweet Teal

I have been wanting the “Buy Me A Whiskey” Wildfox tee ever since I laid eyes on it but it is, unfortunately, sold out and I can’t find one for purchase anywhere! When I can’t find something, I then try to recreate it myself. I know I used a blue tee in this tutorial but I tried finding a plain pink ringer tee and those seem to be sold out everywhere too! What the heck, I know. However, I love whiskey and I was not ready to give up so I went with a blue shirt, white font, and got to work.

Now you can make one too! Let’s jump into this easy-to-recreate whiskey tee tutorial.

Prep ItDIY Wildfox Tee Supplies

Do It

Buy Me A Whiskey Cameo design

step one

Get the design ready in the Silhouette Studio (software that comes with the Cameo). I tried to recreate the “Buy Me A Whiskey” design the best that I could. I like how some of the letters are different heights so I stuck with it. To get the Silhouette file I used, just click here. Then load the vinyl and cut.

*Make sure your design is mirrored or else it will be backwards!

Peeling vinyl for DIY for less Wildfox tee Peeling vinyl for tutorial of DIY for less Wildfox tee

step two

Peel the excess off around the design so that the letters are the only thing left on the sheet. Use the Pick Me Up Tool to get the pieces out from in the letters.

Buy Me A Whiskey Heat Transfer Vinyl Tee

step three

Place the design down on the shirt like above. It will be sticky but you can pick it up and replace it if you need.

Tutorial for DIY Wildfox t-shirt, cloth over vinyl. Holding Iron On Tee for DIY Wildfox Tee

step four

Place a cloth over the design then press and hold the iron on each part of the design for about 50 seconds or so. Have your iron on the highest setting for this. All we have is a tiny iron and I don’t think it gets hot enough for the type of vinyl we used so we had to ditch the cloth and iron directly over the plastic to get the letters to stick but it worked.

step five

Peel the plastic layer off of the letters, making sure that the letters have adhered to the tee. If the letters don’t stick, go over them again with the iron.

That is it, you have yourself a Wildfox inspired tee that you made all on your own! Easy right? This project only cost me about $14 for the shirt and vinyl, compared to $64 on Wildfox’s website. I’ve washed it and the letters have stayed on too! I think it’s perfect for summer and just hanging out. My boyfriend and I recently bought the Silhouette Cameo, which is an AMAZING tool to have as a crafter. It allows you to cut fabric, vinyl, paper, and more, making life easier. So far this is the first shirt I’ve made but I plan to make so many more things so stick around!


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