How To Make A Lemon Pouch (Using Drop Cloth)

DIY Lemon Pouch by Jenny Bess of Sweet Teal

Lemon has been on my mind a LOT recently. Whenever I see a fabric in a lemon print, a lemon purse, or a lemon rug, I can’t help but swoon. Something about lemon prints just gets to me. I think it was on a Cyber Monday that I was scrolling through Joann Fabric’s sale section online, I stumbled across a pretty lemon fabric. I thought it would be perfect to make a pair of shorts or a top out of.

This leads me to mention how much I hate buying fabric online since you cannot touch it first. This gorgeous lemon printed fabric turned out to be a tablecloth material. Not so perfect for making clothing out of. I didn’t want to waste it though so I paired it with some extra drop cloth I had laying around and created this cute DIY lemon pouch! It’s a very simple design and the drop cloth serves as a lining.

This pouch is a final 9″ wide by about 7.5″ high in size. I made a bunch of smaller pouches in 7″ x 4.5″ for the women in my life for Christmas and everyone loves them!

Prep Itdiy lemon pouch supplies

Do It

step one

Measure out a 10″ x 16″ piece of drop cloth and a 10″ x 10″ piece of fabric. Iron the drop cloth if it has wrinkles like mine (this is optional). Then pin the fabric to the center of drop cloth and sew the pieces together.

canvas drop cloth
lemon fabric
DIY lemon pouch tutorialdiy lemon pouch sewing project

step two

Sew the zipper to one side of the drop cloth by placing the zipper face down on the outside of the pouch’s edge like the photo below.

*I’m sure it would help to have a zipper foot for your sewing machine but I don’t have one and it works fine for this pouch without one.


diy lemon pouch zipper sewn on

step three

Flip the pouch inside out and pin the zipper to the edge of the drop cloth like below then sew.

REMEMBER: Keep your zipper unzipped throughout the next steps so that you do not sew your pouch closed. It is very hard to unzip an inside out zipper, trust me.

diy lemon pouch sewn zipper diy lemon pouch zipper tutorial

step four

With the pouch inside-out, sew the sides of the pouch closed, sewing over the zipper.

diy lemon pouch canvas drop cloth sewn together

step five

Cut off any excess from the seams, if you prefer. Then flip your pouch right side out and it’s finished!

DIY Lemon Pouch by Jenny of Sweet TealInside of DIY Lemon Pouch by Jenny of Sweet Teal DIY Lemon Pouch by Jenny Bess zipper

I love making these pouches with leftover drop cloth since I always seem to have a bit laying around leftover from other projects. I also love the soft feel of drop cloth, making this lemon pouch comfortable to hold. Get creative with the type or style of fabric overlay you use and mix it up with different sizes and you can make endless amounts of pouches.


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