Warhol Surf by Billabong

When art comes together with clothing, it’s a good day. Billabong’s new Warhol Surf collection features beautiful watercolor swimwear, graphic tees, and accessories inspired by Andy Warhol. When Billabong contacted me wanting to send a few items from the new collection, I was so excited. All of the pieces are absolutely gorgeous and watercolor has always had a special place in my heart. I also love how this one piece reminds me of a sunset. There’s good news for the men out there too because this collection has some great pieces for both genders.

Billabong has been a long-time favorite of mine, starting when I was a little girl. My older sister had this really cute pink floral Billabong backpack and I wanted to be just like her (like any little sister does) so I asked for one for Christmas, in blue though. I still have that backpack.

I’m a sucker for surf brands and any type of beachwear. I love how you can wear one pieces to places other than just the beach. Throw a pair of shorts overtop and layer some necklaces and you have an outfit. They are basically just bodysuits, that you can swim in too. You could also wear a button down (unbuttoned) over a one piece with a pair or jeans or shorts. It’s so easy to wear a one piece all day, from the beach to a night out it just works!

Andy Warhol’s Flowers lithographs are what inspired these floral swimsuits. While wearing these pieces, it’s like wearing actual art. How cool is that?

Art has always been a huge part of my life. Throughout school I would paint and draw, I even got a small art scholarship. Now, I express myself through the DIY projects I create and the outfits I style. Although I do wish I never stopped drawing.


First Outfit

ONE PIECE: Billabong (c/o) | NECKLACE: DIY | SHORTS: Levi’s | SUNNIES: Target

Second Outfit

TOP: Billabong (c/o) | BOTTOMS: old | BAG: DIY



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