Jenny of Sweet Teal wearing sublime and stripes

TOP: Etsy | PANTS: c/o Romwe | SHOES: DIY

Fun fact: Sublime is my favorite band of all time. Close runner ups include The Dirty Heads and Blink-182. I’m a fan of all music but I especially love reggae-rock and 90s songs. Their is something so laid-back and nostalgic about the two.

On another note, I thought these striped pants were going to be hard to style when I first put them on. View Post

DIY painted floral cup with drink recipe by Jenny of Sweet Teal

I like my dishes and cups to match both my home and my style. All the while DIY-ing as much as I can of those things along the way. I hope to have open shelving in my kitchen once we buy a home and I’ve been trying to collect only, or make, pretty dinnerware. This painted floral cup is no exception, it turned out gorgeous so I made a few! It only took me five tries to get a print I liked enough but oh well, I’m obsessed. Stick around for the end of this post to see a blueberry lemonade vodka drink recipe. View Post

ford tri-motor 1929 airplane ride above naples florida

Flying in a plane that was built in 1929 is something I would have never thought I’d be doing. Is it safe? Will it be a rough ride? Those are a few questions I had. My Dad, my younger brother, and I bit the bullet and decided to fly.

It turns out the ride was so smooth, I wouldn’t have known we left the ground if I wasn’t watching the wheels leave contact with it. The Ford Tri-Motor plane is not a speed demon. We averaged around 80-90 mph and there were a few strong wind gusts that made the plane wobble a bit but I felt completely safe the whole time. The plane holds 9 passengers total and on the ride before ours a 104-year old woman took her second flight on a Tri-Motor. Her first ride was when she was 20 years old, so 84 years ago. It’s crazy to imagine myself riding in a plane I rode in now, and again in 84 years. You would think it wouldn’t still be running, or flying at the least. It is pretty amazing. 

The ride was about 15 minutes long and we did a circle around Naples, FL. Along the coast and above the water were my favorite parts of the flight. I’ve never seen the town I grew up in from above and I’m pretty sure I saw my house! It was an amazing experience and I highly suggest doing it if you get the chance.

Right now, the Ford is on tour and will be visiting different cities. You can book your flight through EAA’s website. It’s $75 ($70 ahead of time) and worth every penny.

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Jenny of Sweet Teal wearing a spring break outfit

Just over a week-long, perfect weather, and loaded with fun is Spring Break. That is if you attend school. While I take online college classes and work 32 hours a week, “breaks” aren’t really a thing. That doesn’t stop me from taking part in all of the festivities though. I try to head to the beach as much as I can, hang with friends by the pool, and shop for new spring additions for my wardrobe.

For those of you who go to school full-time, enjoy your break and don’t fret over figuring out what to wear. I put together a few outfit ideas with the beach days, poolside hangs, new adventures, and shopping days in mind. I find it easier to enjoy the fun when I already have outfits picked out and planned. It’s a time saver since the short spring break time tends to go by quick. 



Opt for a great swimsuit you would be comfortable in from sunrise to sunset. My favorite days are usually those spent entirely at the beach and I like to wear something I’m comfortable in.

WHAT TO WEAR: Poolside 

Whether you’re splashing around in the water, tanning on the sideline, or eating all the cold snacks you can find, you’ll want to look good while doing it.

WHAT TO WEAR: On An Adventure

You could be trekking through woods to get to a secret natural spring, taking a drive to a new town, or kayaking through a back bay. Adventure wear is essential.

WHAT TO WEAR: Shopping + Lunch

A girls’ day to the nearest mall or eating out at a new lunch spot is always fun. Spring break is the perfect time to stock up on new key pieces for spring too!


On this particular day, I wore this outfit (courtesy of Miromar Outlets) to a kid’s birthday party and then shopping and to dinner at Miromar. I actually saw this anchor top on a mannequin in the window of Ann Taylor and thought it was really cute so I went in the store and it was on sale! Too perfect. I love coming to this mall because there is always something going on, whether it be a sidewalk sale, ducks playing in the fountains, or live music. The vibe of the mall is laid-back and there is a store, or restaurant, for everyone. It’s also my go-to mall for killer deals on swimwear and tropical attire, perfect for spring break styles.

For a swimwear outfit idea, see my post here.

Get my look:

TOP: Ann Taylor (similar) | SHORTS: Levi’s | SHOES: American Eagle | BELT: Maude View Post

Jenny Bess of Sweet Teal wearing Jen's Pirate Booty

TUNIC: Jen’s Pirate Booty | SHORTS: Levi’s | SWIM TOP: Marysia | SHOES: American Eagle | HAT: DIY
BAG: Forever 21

At sunrise everything is better. The salty air is fresh, the lighting is perfect, and the sand is covered in dew. With only a few other souls awake and grasping the beauty of the morning, I discovered why I would ever consider becoming a morning person. 

This particular morning, a Saturday to be exact, I threw on my swimsuit and coverup of choice and hit the road for a short trip to the beach with Willie. We picked up Dunkin Donuts on the way and were blown away by how beautiful this same old beach was in the morning. The same beach that we’ve been to many times before that’s always been overcrowded. 

I live for moments like this and memories that are made on a whim. In those moments, I like to be wearing items that allow me to be free. Clothes I feel myself in and I can wear on whatever adventure I end up on. Clothes that are not only stylish, but comfortable as well since comfort is key. View Post

DIY Sequin Script Sun Hat at the beach

Sun hats are the perfect accessories for both spring and summer. They block just enough shade and can be very fashionable. A great way to add to a plain and simple sun hat is sequin, specifically sequin script. There are so many cute sayings you could add such as “Chasing Sunshine”, “To The Beach”, or “Shell Yeah” as I chose to go with. This DIY sequin script hat is sure to be a hit anywhere you go.

This is so simple, you’ll be making hats for all of your friends. It’s easy, cheap, and super cute. I got my hat from Walmart for just under $4! It’s out of stock online but check in store, that’s where I got mine. They also had a few other styles as well. So here is how to make your very own DIY sequin script hat. View Post