message biscuits recipe

While scrolling through Pinterest today I came across a post about “thankful rolls”. See it here from a blog named The Girl Who Ate Everything. I thought it was such a cute idea that I would make some for my boyfriend. Only instead of writing thankful notes on the inside of the biscuits, I wrote messages saying why I love him. They said things like “I love you because you take me on McFlurry dates” and “I love you because you make me laugh”.

To make these lovely little surprises you use a can of crescent rolls or biscuits and make little balls out of them like this:

message biscuits recipe

Next you wrap your messages in aluminum foil…

message biscuits recipemessage biscuits recipe

And put one message on one dough ball then put another ball on top and pinch the edges together and put in a cupcake tin.

message biscuits recipe

After that you bake them by the instructions on the biscuit can. I baked mine at 375 degrees for 12 minutes.

message biscuits recipe

They were so yummy and my boyfriend loved them.

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When I moved out of my parent’s house right after graduating high school, I was so excited to be able to decorate my own house any way I wanted. I have a bedroom with so much space and it has an extra add-on room that I transformed into my “makeup room”. I could decorate this space however I wanted, without worrying my roomates wouldn’t like it, and I did. (Even though I pretty much decorated the whole rest of the house the way I wanted too, hehe.)

The first thing I did was buy a desk from Target, which was on sale, for about $98. I had received a target gift card for Graduation which I used for the desk. Buy it here. Then I went thrift shopping at my local Goodwill and Salvation Army.

I found a lamp for $5 without the shade at Goodwill and spray painted it white, then bought a small white lampshade from Target for about $10. I found the vase at Salvation Army for only $1 and bought the fake flowers from Michael’s for about $2.

The big mirror I had been wanting for some time and bought at Target, no giftcard left, for $35. See it here. The two pictures, which I LOVE, are from a shop on named RKHercules, go see it here. I paid about $20 for both pictures and bought frames from Michael’s for around $10 I believe, it was buy one get one free. The mason jar holding my brushes came in a pack of 9 from walmart for about $6 maybe. Everything else I already had.

Overall, I only spent around $84 myself. It was well worth the money to put together something I love and spend time at everyday to put on my makeup at. Oh, all my makeup is in that one drawer, I don’t know how it fit but it did.

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See my inspiration HERE from

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disney world tips and tricks

I recently went to Disney World with my boyfriend for our 1 year anniversary and there were a lot of great things we did and a lot that we learned from our trip. I’ll share a couple of tips and which rides are worth going on and how to plan your day.

First off, we left our house on a Saturday after I got off work around 7pm and drove to Disney World, we only live about 2 or 3 hours away. We checked into our hotel that night, the All-Star Sports Hotel, which is one of the cheapest hotels disney has to offer. I would highly recommend staying at a Disney hotel, which has a lot of benefits like you get free bus rides to and from all of the parks, you get free Magicbands, and you can buy souvenirs in the parks and have them sent to your hotel so you do not have to carry them around all day. So then Sunday morning we went to Magic Kingdom for the whole day and let me tell you what, I have NEVER walked so much in one day. We walked 16 MILES that day. Anyways, we went to every single part of the park and didn’t really plan our day that well, since it was our first time going in forever, we didn’t really know any of the rides. One tip I would give is to plan your day! It would have saved us time walking around aimlessly.
disney world tips and tricks be our guest restaurant

One thing we did do that was great and I am so glad we did was use one of our fast passes on the Be Our Guest Restaurant for lunch. Reservations have to be made and lunch is not listed on Disney’s main website. You have to go to and sign in with your Disney account information. Then select the day and time you want your reservations to be. Then your select direct to table or expedited arrival. We chose expedited arrival. Direct to table is where you choose what you want to eat before you arrive. We chose the expedited arrival because we didn’t know what kind of food we would be in the mood for at that time. So basically when we got to the restaurant we went right in and ordered our food from a guy at an area in the lobby and then we went to find seats in the dining room and our food found us. I don’t know how but it did. I think it is amazing how they can find you wherever you are to give you your food. By the way, the food is AMAZING and DELICIOUS. The pork is so good.

Some rides you must go on while in the Magic Kingdom are the Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor (so funny) it was our favorite, Space Mountain, the Stitch ride (great for cooling off when it’s hot outside), the teacups were great, and see at least one character. We used one of our fast passes to see Ariel because she’s my favorite and she was such a good actress, didn’t come out of character once. Our last fast pass was used on Space Mountain, which was worth it because the wait would have been around 60 minutes but we got right on and in the very front.

Sooo, we used all three of our fast passes on lunch, seeing Ariel, and Space Mountain. We really didn’t need to use them on all rides because the waits went by quickly. The longest we waited was probably 15 minutes. The wait times usually say longer than they are.

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*If it is a special day for you like a birthday or  anniversary or even your first visit, go to city hall in the Magic Kingdom and ask for a pin. We got anniversary pins and literally everyone that worked at the park said “Happy Anniversary” to us as we walked past them.

We stayed in the park for the while entire day until it closed at midnight and then we went back to our hotel, fell asleep, and left the next day so I could make it home before I had to work at 4pm. Our trip felt like it went by so fast but it was a great weekend trip to Disney. I did not want to leave.

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I recently discovered the best tasting, easy to make, and most filling snack. Plus it’s healthy! What is this amazing snack you ask? An apple peanut butter sandwich All you need to make it is an apple, peanut butter, and a knife.

  • Cut the apple on it’s side and make slices about half a centimeter thick. (I usually get about 4 or 5 good slices out of one apple.)
  • Cut the center out of each apple slice.
  • Put peanut butter one side of an apple slice then put another slice on top to make a sandwich.

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