DIY Hanging Lampshade Light by Jenny Bess in Living Room

There is something about light fixtures that just gets me excited. I’m obsessed with unique lights and how they can totally transform a room. My love for light fixtures usually stays at the store due to the outrageous prices they go for though. I don’t understand why a light fixture has to cost so much money when in reality it doesn’t need to. I’ve recently stumbled upon a blog called Vintage Revivals. I found the blog because Aspyn Ovard had her house decorated by Mandi (the girl behind Vintage Revivals). And watching Aspyn + Parker vlogs are my guilty pleasure. BUT, that’s besides the point. Mandi actually made a hanging light fixture out of lampshades to go in Aspyn’s living room. I love the way hers turned out but I wanted to do something a little different and less time consuming. (In the future, I’m definitely recreating hers though, it’s too cute!)

I already had two lampshades just sitting in my closet and I wanted to put them to use. I like the color of them since they match pieces in my living room already. They just needed a touch of teal. Interested in making your own lampshade light? Lucky you, here’s my tutorial. View Post

Jenny Bess Wearing Make Me Chic Jumpsuit At Beach

JUMPSUIT: c/o Make Me Chic | BRALETTE: Etsy | SHOES: DIY | SUNNIES: Target

Being comfy on the beach is a must. The sand might not always be soft, the weather could change in the blink of an eye, or your swimsuit might be soaked. I’m always thanking myself when I bring a comfortable coverup or change of clothes with me when I go. On this day, I wore THE comfiest jumpsuit/outfit. I can’t express how much I am in love with it! It’s super soft, easy to throw on, and (obviously) in my favorite color. It’s more of a baby blue in person in case you’re wondering. At first, I was unsure of the knee holes but I feel like it breaks the fabric up in a perfect way and I’m really digging them now. It was super windy at the beach and I ended up throwing the jumpsuit on while we watched the sunset. It’s perfect for colder days and it’s perfect for warmer days alike. Let me just say, if there were more colors I would have them all, even in orange because that’s how much I love it.  View Post

Get Ready With Me | Jenny Bess

I finally decided to put together a video on my everyday makeup look, how to get my go-to wavy curls, and there’s a bonus outfit included. It’s a 3-in-one, so sorry it’s 20 minutes long. You can skip ahead if you just want to see the hair or the outfit, or only watch the makeup tutorial, I won’t get mad. Also, I collaborated with usmooth on this video and I used a few of their products that they sent me. I have to say, I absolutely love them! The curling iron is 1.25″ and the perfect size to get wavy, volumized hair. The products they sent me are all sulfate, paraben, and gluten free, which is always a good thing! They are gentle but also smell and work amazingly.

Here are all of the usmooth products I used in the video:

Outfit details:

Top: Wet Seal (old)
Skirt: DIY (tutorial will be coming soon)
Belt: Maude
Earrings: Kate Spade
Purse: Amazon (also available on eBay)
Shoes: Target

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Jenny wearing essentials

TOP: c/o Romwe | SHORTS: Levi’s | SHOES: Target | EARRINGS: Kate Spade | SUNNIES: Target  NECKLACE: DIY | BRACELET: Charlotte Russe (similar)

 A go-to outfit, that is what I would classify this one as. My essentials, if you will. A good pair of distressed shorts, aviators, a comfy top, and versatile jewelry are all included. Throw in some aqua sneakers and I’m set. I’m a sucker for anything blue, more specifically aqua or teal but that should come as no surprise. A pair of pretty blue earrings and sneaks go with the majority of my clothing. Heck, 4 out of the 5 pairs of the sneakers I own have blue in them if not all over them. You might be asking now if blue is my favorite, why would I classify this top as my go-to? Well my dear, because army green goes oh so well with blue. 

I wear t-shirts often because they are so comfy and easy to throw on, and because I’m lazy. The peplum added to this top makes it so much more than just a tee though and I love that. I’ve probably over-worn it since I got it but for good reason. It’s versatile, like any good essential piece should be.

You can also see this top in my winter lookbook video. The cold days are gone for now, but this top will stay as one of my essentials. I still am dying to go see snow this winter though, don’t think I’ve given up on that one just yet!

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DIY Wood & Copper Coffee Table From Above

It’s been about two years since we’ve owned a coffee table. Two years before I finally got around to making a coffee table. I don’t know why it’s so hard to decide on one but it seems to be one of the most difficult pieces of furniture. Do I want an ottoman, do I want a chest, do I want a modern piece? Taking a trip to Home Depot with Willie is exactly what I needed to do. We decided on wood and copper. Originally, I wanted galvanized pipes instead of copper because it would match our dining chairs but it was a lot more expensive than the copper. So I figured if I wanted, I could paint the copper. I haven’t painted it yet because I think the copper looks good in our living room, but maybe sometime in the future it will get a new look. So here is how to build a wood and copper coffee table, you can get everything you need from Home Depot. Plus, there is NO CUTTING needed for the wood! There is, however, a bit of cutting involved for the copper but it’s super easy to do, trust me! View Post

Beanie, Shein jacket, and DIY OTK boots

TRENCH COAT: (c/o) Shein | DRESS: Victoria’s Secret (similar) | BEANIE: Target | BOOTS: DIY

Remember what I said about weather not getting below 60/70 degrees in Florida for more than like 3 days? Well that was a lie. We get possibly two weeks altogether, give or take and this day was a cold one. In the HIGH 50s is when I pull out a beanie and my little Florida ears need to be covered. In addition to the beanie, I wore this baby blue trench coat I received from Shein and I must say that I love it. It’s cute to just throw on and complete an outfit. It’s light so I could wear it in the spring/fall too. I’ve been told I look like a hairdresser/doctor in it because of the color and style but I totally don’t care. I like it and that’s all that matters. Wear whatcha want and rock it.

P.S. You can see this dress/coat combo in action in my winter lookbook video. I was wearing my boots from Boohoo in that but they don’t actually stay up on bare legs like my DIY ones do. I’ll let you in on my trick for that, don’t worry. You can view the tutorial for this boots HERE. View Post