told by colt the dog
By Colt 

Wow oh wow have I been busy. Well and grounded. Sorry I haven’t been posting recently. I promise I will start posting regularly again, I puppy paw swear. But let me tell you why I was grounded….you’re gonna think it’s stupid. So my Uncle Tyler got a new puppy named Duke (he’s two months old and is a little bigger than Gunner, but so much badder than Gunner) and him and Gunner like to play together. One day they were playing and I got jealous (cuz I want to play too, why they gotta leave me out?) so I growled and whined at both of them. They weren’t getting the hint so I pushed Gunner and got on top of Duke to play but I guess that is “unacceptable”. Yes, I got grounded for wanting to play! Total dog poop. Ever since I got ungrounded I have been stuck on puppy sitting duty. Since I can’t play with them I have to watch them. What the heck parents? Anywaysss, here’s how my past couple weeks have been going…

Lots of car rides to the bank, store, Grandma and my Step-Gpa’s, Mee Maw and Paw Paw’s, and to the dog park. I haven’t gone to Grandpa’s because he’s been in Australia! I can’t wait to see him this Sunday and here all the stories he has. Apparently he saw two kangaroos fighting! I want to see kangaroos.

Uncle Tyler’s little terror Duke has been knocking things over, chewing on couches and phone cases, peeing on all of our rugs, and stealing all of my toys. It is such hard work keeping up with him. Gunner loves him because they are the same size so they play good together but sometimes they play really rough. Gunner has scratches on his neck and belly from Duke’s sharp teeth. But they love play fighting so it’s hard to keep them off of each other. I don’t know if I like Duke yet, he is pretty stupid right now I hope he learns things faster. Like not to come near me when I’m eating and don’t cuddle with me. He tried to sleep on top of my the other day and when I said no he put a paw on my back and passed out. Can you believe that? I don’t even cuddle with Gunner and he’s my own brother! I only cuddle with Mom and Dad.

Other than when Gunner and Colt keep me on my paws looking after them, I’ve been having some awesome days. Like when I go to the dog park, those are always fun, and today when Mom gave me a frozen bone, ooooo I love those.

Oh and I have a funny story about Duke. One day he has outside trying to poop and he got into the position and lost his balance and fell on his butt! HAHAHAHA. Stupid pup. It was hilarious. It would have been even funnier if he had already pooped then fell in it but he didn’t. But after he pooped he did step right in my poop. LOL. Poor Mom had to rinse him off since his Dad was at work. I did get a good laugh out of it though. Puppy’s may be out of control trouble sometimes but other times they are silly and funny.

I’ll catch up with you on Monday about how my weekend went.

Bye bye, woof woof, catch you later.

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