Going to Grandpa's

By Colt 

Wooooh. This weekend was craZy! With a capital Z! There were 5 of us at Grandpa’s on Sunday…talk about a ruff time. But let me tell you about the rest of my weekend first.

Friday, Mom and Dad came home from shopping with Halloween costumes for Gunner and me. Let me just say barrrffff. Fur-stof they got us matching costumes. Second, they are sharks! What the heck Mom and Dad. I don’t want to be a shark for Halloween, that’s not scary, and I definitely do NOT want to be matching with my little brother. How lame grrrr. I’ll share some pictures next week of how rediculous these costumes are…maybe.

Saturday, Dad didn’t have to work so he spent the day with me and Gunner. His friend also came over and brought his son. Hooman toddlers are so annoying. They may be worse than Gunner and Duke combined. At least this one was. He screams and crys! At least Gunner and Duke only bark. Screaming and crying is way worse. It hurts my ears. 🙁 Plus the toddler kept grabbing me and pulling on my tail. I was just glad when he left. That’s when Mom came home from work and I got to take a nap with her. Ooh dog, I needed one.

Sunday we went to Grandpa’s of course. Gunner, Duke, Sadie, Opie, and me all together in one house. It was Duke’s first time over there and of course he kept trying to chew on everything and pee everywhere. Grandpa and Step-Gma thought he was just the cutest. If only they knew how much worse he is at home! They kept yelling at Gunner too because they would fight. But Duke starts the fights! Poor Gunner, yes I said poor Gunner. We did get to see pictures from Grandpa and Step-Gma’s trip to Australia. Step-Gma’s son got married and her daughter’s getting married next year so they had a bridal shower. I also got to see pictures of kangaroos! There are so many over there. I wish I could see a kangaroo in person. Maybe one day.

Bye bye, woof woof, catch you later.

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