By Gunner

Hiii peaples and other doggies maybe some kittens it’s gunner and I’m gonna tell you about how my week went ok

Me and duke my new cousin played a whole lot because he is the same size as me and we are almost the same age so we are pretty close now he’s probably my second best friend after colty duh so we played outside and dug a hole!!!!! Yessss a holeeeee!!! It was so fun and colty helped us so we dug it really fast and under the deck outside so now we can all hang out in the hole under the deck it’s our new secret club because mommy and daddy can’t come under it because they are too big so I love it but I do wish mommy could come I think she would love our hole

Another thing that happened was we got to go to petco and moes and I met some other doggies and picked out things I want for Christmas at petco then we went to Moe’s to eat and I met the owner and he loves me

Mommy and daddy got me a new sweater too and it is awesome!!! colty says I look cool in it and he always thinks my sweaters are lame but if you want to see my awesome sweater you can go to colty’s instagram @coltdadawg I’m not aloud to have an Instagram yet because mommy says I’m too young

Oh and did I tell you I learned a new game it’s called get off the table! Mommy and I play it all the time now it’s really fun I jump up on the dining table and when mommy sees me she yells get off the table and I have to see how long I can stay on before mommy picks me up and puts me on the floor so far I got 2 minutes he he he

Oh did you see that cool pic at the top of the page mommy took of me after I wrote this post to put on here its a good shot of me blogging

Ok bye I gotta go play more get off the table see you later alligator

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