By Colt 

Colt here! This week was alright. Mom’s at it again with the dress up. She bought me a sweater that matches  Gunner’s. Apparently she wants to take a family picture where we all match. Dad has a shirt that matches and Mom is gonna make a skirt. Ugh, she’s so weird.

Anywho, Monday and Tuesday I got to ride around with Mom and Dad all day. We went everywhere! To the Petsmart, the bank, Grandma’s, the park, everywhere! It was awesome! I love car rides.

Wednesday Gunner, Duke, and me dug another hole in the yard. It’s bug enough for all three of us to lay in. Pretty chill. We just hungout in our hole all day and I watched Gunner run laps as Duke tried to keep up. He can’t though, it’s pretty funny.

Thursday I got to sleep in till 1. It was the best because I love sleeping and I love sleeping with Mom and she didn’t get out of bed till I did.

Friday was a blur and I don’t remember what happened. All I know is there was a lot of play, a lot of bark, and a little bit of sleep.

Saturday Gunner had a vet appointment so I offered to go with him for moral support. He had a 6 month check up and needed two shots and they sticker something up with butt. Yuck, I felt so bad for him! Why do they do that to us every time?! We don’t like it hoomans. After the check up we walked around the mall and saw lots of people. It was fun.

Sunday I almost died. On the ride home from Grandpa’s a dog walked right out in front of our truck and Dad had to slam on the brakes so he wouldn’t hit him and I flew into the front seat, I was in the back seat. It didn’t hurt but it was a little scary. Hopefully that dog learns not to go in the road anymore, didn’t his Dad ever teach him that?

Well I’ll see ya next week. Or maybe I’ll make Gunner blog for me again, hehe, he’ll do anything for me.

Bye bye, woof woof, catch you later.

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  1. Mish L.
    December 11, 2014 / 6:02 pm

    D’awh what a nice dog giving some support to Gunner. I’m sure he’ll get better c:

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