Me just chillin after playin some fetch

Gunner being a loser at the beach

By Colt

I FINALLY went to the beach! Oh my goodness it was so much fun. I was so pooped after that I passed out in the car on the way home.

Monday I watched Gunner chew up a sock toy Mom made him. It was a sock with a water bottle inside and he chewed right through the sock and started to eat the plastic bottle! Mom took it away before I could get my paws on it but then she gave us both an empty sock with knots tied in them. I guess since she can’t give us any toys (because Gunner eats everything) she has to resort to socks. Don’t get me wrong I love a good sock but sometimes they can be stinky, yuck.

Tuesday was Dad’s Birthday!!! He is so old now, 23 hooman years. That’s like a billion in dog years. Anywho, he didn’t have to work so he went fishing in the morning with his best friend (after me of course). While he was fishing, Mom was making him surprises and blowing up giant balls that floated. I think she called them balloons, but it could have been anything. Those giant balls were so scary though, she kept throwing them around and some hit me, then she hung them from the ceiling! Hoomans are weird. But when dad got home we got to go to MeeMaw and PawPaw’s house to see MeeMaw. She gave me treats and I got to play outside in the nice grass.

Wednesday, Mom, Dad, Gunner, and me layed around and spent quality family time together. It was fun til Gunner peed on the bed! Mom and Dad had to wash the sheets and blanket and we weren’t aloud on the bed for the rest of the day. I was so poopin’ mad.

Thursday I had to stay home while Mom took Gunner with her to get her hair done. It was so quiet and peaceful without that little mutt whining. I actually got some rest and slept for hours.

Friday Dad gave me a bone filled with peanut butter and that’s all you need to know about Friday.

Saturday Mom was sick so I cuddled with her, well her feet cuz Gunner hogged her top half.

Sunday was beach day! Yay yay yay we went to the beachhhhhh. Oh dog, there was so much water and I swam in all of it! Gunner was a baby and wouldn’t go in the water because it was “cold” but I sure did have fun. Dad found a stick and threw it so far in the water and I got to swim and get it a hundred times. There was this one dog there that looked like Gunner only he was smaller and he kept picking on Gunner and peeing and poopin’ by our stuff! So I had to step up and be a big dog and showed that little rat who is boss. No one picks on Gunner but me. After the beach we went to Mom’s dad’s house and got to see Sadie and Opie. Sadie was a little nicer and I tried to tell her I like her but I chickened out. Maybe next week.

Bye bye, woof woof, catch you later.

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  1. Ac
    December 10, 2014 / 7:48 pm

    oh puppy, you are so chatty.

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