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By Gunner

HEHEHE colty is sleeping so I am postin for him lol I am gunner if you dont know and this week we did a lot of fun things I been watching colty blog and I think I can blog just like him ok

on monday me and colty were so sleepy we didnt wake up till noon and when we did mommy made us breakfast doggy food and cheese yum yum then we just played together and took a nap together the rest of the day I love to cuddle with colty

tuesday I went with mommy to the bank instead of colty idk why maybe because I cry when she is gone and she didnt want me to be sad so she took me but I felt sad for colty because he didnt get to come 🙁

wednesday I got to go to meemaw and pawpaws with colty and daddy I love meemaw and pawpaw so much I got to meet their friend too and I think we became bestfriends colty might be jealous though I hope he isnt shhhhh

thursday thor came over!!!!!!! thor is mommys friend marys dog and I love him he is my second bestfriend and whenever he comes over it is a party me colty and thor all got new bones and we played for hours and when colty got tired and stopped playing because he is an old turd then me and thor still played I love thor because he plays with me and never gets tired

friday daddy was home allllllllll dayyyy and he taught me a new trick called shake which is weird because he makes me give him my paw and he shakes it but when I think of shake I think of shaking my booty but I think I got the hang of it and daddy is proud

saturday was booorrriing mommy and daddy worked all day and I had to stay in my cage but when mommy came home she took me and colty for a walk oh booooy I was so tired I almost made mommy carry me the rest of the way home I love walks but they make me sleepy

sunday we went to granpas house to see sadie and opie oh I love opie but I do not like sadie one bite because she always always growls at me idk why I am the nicest pup ever someone needs to tell her that but opie is my dawg and third best friend we like to hang and chill together and just lay around and talk about colty and sadie without them knowing

oh and did you see my awesome new jammies!!! mommy got me them and they have puppy dogs on them and they keep me so warm well bye I hope colty is ok with me writin his post for him oh well I think I did super good okie doke bye peaples

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  1. Ac
    December 6, 2014 / 8:19 pm

    oh colt you are so witty

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