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By Colt

Wahhhh. Mom and Dad just left me with Gunner at MeeMaw and PawPaw’s house. I cannot believe they did that to me! Usually they stay too, I’m so mad at them. But I do love MeeMaw and PawPaw.

Well this week was very, very different. But we will just start with Tuesday. Tuesday I had to puppysit Gunner outside while Mom did laundry and cooked lunch. Gunner WOULD NOT STOP BARKING at our neighbors. OK OK, I started it but I only barked like 3 times. After I barked he haaaad to bark too (I keep forgetting he copies whatever I do) and then he wouldn’t leave our neighbors alone. Mom got mad because of Gunner’s barking so she made us come inside. I was so mad at him for that I took every toy from him for the rest of the day.

The best part of Wednesday was that Mom kept dropping pretzels on the floor without knowing it and I got to eat them. Salty and crisp just the way I like ’em, yummmm.

Thursday I went with Mom to the bank because she is a scaredy cat and can’t go alone (Dad was working so I’m next in line). When Mom was at the ATM a truck drove by and whistled at her! I almost jumped out of the car and chased that loser down but the windows were up and I don’t know how to work that silly hooman thing. So I just growled and gave that sucker the meanest face I could do. No one whistles at my Mom excpet Dad. After the bank Mom took me to Micky Donalds and bought me some ice cweaaaam! She is so sweet, he he.

Friday was the worst day of the week. That was when Mom and Dad left me at MeeMaw and PawPaw’s house for forever. Supposeveledy they went to Key West, I don’t know why they didn’t take me, I’m a champion swimmer. Well they left me and Gunner and I will never forgive them. After they left I had a blast though. MeeMaw and PawPaw love me more than Gunner so I got most of the attention. We played and played and played. The neighbor girl came over and we got to play with her too! At night time I got to stay up late and eat treats (don’t tell my parents).

Saturday was another funfilled day at MeeMaw and PawPaw’s. PawPaw taught Gunner not to go on the carpet and it was so funny to watch. Everytime Gunner stepped paw on it PawPaw would squirt Gunner with a squirt bottle filled with water. Gunner would freak out and make a silly face. One time Gunner sneaked onto the carpet when PawPaw wasn’t looking and made it all the way to the couch next to MawMaw and sat down. He was there for a couple minutes until PawPaw saw him and squirted both Gunner and MawMaw (because she knew he was there). It was so funny, I got a kick out of it, at least there’s one good boy in the house (me). That night MawMaw slept with Gunner because he wouldn’t stop crying, which I thought was ridiculous. But I got to sleep in his cage (which I love) so it was fine.

Sunday Mom and Dad came home! I completely forgot I had parents ’til I saw them walk into the house. They were gone for so long. But when they walked in I got so happy, I was waggin’ my whole butt. I attacked Dad in kisses and knocked him down and got on top of him so he couldn’t leave me again. We finally got to go home that night and sleep with Mom and Dad again. I love MeeMaw and PawPaw’s house but nothin’ beats sleeping in Mom and Dad’s bed. It is like a giant cloud sent down from doggy heaven. They even let me have the spot inbetween them that night aka the best spot. I hope they never leave me again, those two are so unpredictable though.

Bye bye, woof woof, catch you later.


  1. Mish L.
    December 6, 2014 / 6:39 am

    Aww.. I’m sure it was nice to see them come back 🙂

    • Jenny @ Lace & Glaze
      December 8, 2014 / 1:54 pm

      Oh yes. 🙂

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