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I’m finally, finally sharing my second video about Smile Direct Club invisible aligners and I started my treatment plan! Since I decided to start my aligners (I chose to do the monthly $99 payment option in case you’re wondering) I have been so glad I did. I can feel my teeth moving and can’t wait to see what they look like in real life after the whole process. I also wanted to note that currently I am almost done with the first week of my third aligner. In the video I say I’m on my second aligner. Yeah, it took a while to finally get this posted.

I will be wearing 16 different invisible aligners on my top teeth for 2 weeks each. So it comes out to about 8 months. Then I’ll have to wear a retainer after for 6 weeks then only while I sleep after that. The reason I don’t have bottom aligners is because my bottom teeth are already straight and Smile Direct Club decided there was no need for me to have them. 

In the video I go more in depth about the first aligner box and my experience so far. It has been pretty interesting and hard to get used to but I just keep thinking about those pretty aligned teeth in the end. And white teeth too! The aligners come with teeth whitening gel!! Which was a nice surprise because I was under the impression that it only came with it if you paid in full but nope! Everyone gets the whitening gel.

If you want to start getting straighter teeth yourself, you my promo code “SWEETTEALSMILE” for 50% of the evaluation kit. You can get it HERE. If you want to see my first video all about the evaluation kit, click HERE.

Smile Direct Club Invisible Aligners 1-3 Smile Direct Club Invisible Aligners Tray In Case Smile Direct Club Invisible Aligners Tray

Smile Direct Club 3D Plan Before

My before. See those center four teeth?!

Smile Direct Club 3D Plan After

My “after”. So straight! I can’t wait!


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