DIY Faux Marble Countertops For $20

Some of the links in this post may be affiliate links which I can earn a small commission off if you click and purchase the…


Some of the links in this post may be affiliate links which I can earn a small commission off if you click and purchase the item, at no extra cost to you.

Learn how to paint marble on your countertops to give them an expensive look for a little bit of money. DIY faux marble countertops are easy and make an outdated counter fresh and new!

DIY DIY Faux Marble Countertop

Brand new countertops can be hella expensive. You want marble? Even more expensive. When trying to figure out what to do about my outdated formica counters, I came across a tutorial where they painted them! I was sold and decided right then and there to paint all of my ugly countertops starting with the bathroom. DIY faux marble countertops. Let’s begin.

DIY Faux Marble Countertops

DIY white marble countertops are something that takes some time to do but will look amazing when completed. You can do it for $20 and it can be done to just about any countertop including melamine, formica, tile, or even wood.

DIY Faux Marble Countertop - Marble Painted Counter


Countertop before any paint
Primer for painting counters

My counter is formica and it had a light grey and white square pattern on it before I painted it. It was outdated and didn’t fit with the coastal farmhouse look I was going for. With the help of my favorite primer, I was able to get paint to actually stick to it. Seriously, I use this primer for everything!

Before the paint

You can see the design better in the photo above! Not as bad as the pink counter in my master bath but still pretty bad.

How To Paint Marble

  1. Start by cleaning the countertop as best as you can and scrape off anything that is stuck on. Using a blade, scrape off any caulking in the seams. 
  2. Paint a coat of primer on with a foam roller.
  3. Paint three coats (or however many is necessary for your counter) of white paint. I used Amy Howard Bauhaus Buff One Step Paint because it has very good coverage and I had extra left over from another project.
  4. Add a little bit of water to the grey paint. Using a small paint brush, draw a crooked line with the grey paint to create a vein.
  5. Dampen a sea sponge and blot the grey to blend it in.
  6. Use the dry soft brush and gently go over the vein to blend it in even more.
  7. Using a softer sponge, blot white paint over the grey and then use the soft brush to go over it again.
  8. Repeat this until you have a good amount of depth and layers built up. The more layers, the more it will look like real marble.
  9. When you are getting closer to the end, mix a bit of black into the grey or mix up a grey of your own by adding black to white paint to get a darker grey. Use this darker grey to create deeper veins by doing the whole layering process again.
  10. For the top veins, try not to blend as well so that you can see the veins.
  11. Once you are happy with how it looks, let it dry and then apply the epoxy on top. Follow the directions on the box. If you have a backsplash you are doing like me, start by pouring the epoxy on that and letting it fall down, then spread it over the counter. 
  12. Use a heat gun or torch to go over the epoxy to get all of the bubbles out. If you don’t have one, use a straw and blow over bubbles gently to pop them.

Scraping caulking offAfter primerProgress of painted countertopMarble painting

Before adding the epoxy, the counter will look more like a painting. The epoxy really gives it a pop and makes all the difference! It makes it look like a real marble countertop (almost)!

side of marble painted countertop
side of diy painted marble
Epoxy materials for marble countertopafter epoxy has been poured on counter

Tips for getting perfect DIY painted marble countertops

Experiment with different brushes or feathers to get a vein look that you like. I tried about 5 different brushes and even some feathers and found that just a small brush worked best for creating veins. The brush I used is actually a makeup brush, ha.

Layers are a MUST with creating DIY marble countertops that look real. 

Using a spray bottle filled with water to help blend is very helpful.

Tape off around the top so that the epoxy doesn’t run down everything. Then be sure to remove it once the epoxy is somewhat hard because it’s very hard to remove the tape once the epoxy is completely dry (you might have to use a blade to cut it out).

If there are bubbles on the underside of the top just use a blade to scrape them off.

Have a photo of real marble to go off of when painting. Pay attention to how the veins flow and the colors in the marble. DIY painted marble countertops are easier when you have something to “copy”.

diy faux marble countertopsDIY White Marble Painted CountertopPainted marble countertop and teal vanity

This DIY faux marble countertop is my favorite in our new home. It took a few days to do and made a bit of a mess but it was well worth it. I can’t believe it cost me $20 since I already had all the supplies besides the epoxy. It was a cheap and somewhat easy DIY that made my bathroom come alive. If you haven’t already, go see my whole bathroom reveal!

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  1. Amazing! I think I’ve almost got the courage built up to try it out on our master bath. Currently we have burgundy laminate countertop and I’ve wanted to get rid of it since the moment I saw it 4 years ago 😂

        1. I’d do it exactly the same way! Just make sure you have a good white base to start with. You might need to do a few white coats but I imagine you would get the same results.

  2. How is your masterpiece holding up? My husband and I are in the process of purchasing a home built in the late 80s, and the kitchen countertops don’t even match! 😂. We are planning to do something similar in the kitchen.

    1. Over a year later and still great! I actually did the same thing in my kitchen (just white, not marble) and they have been great as well. I would say to make sure you get all of the bubbles out before it dries by using a torch gun because if you don’t then crumbs will get into the little cracks.

  3. These turned out so beautiful! You can not even tell they are painted! The tutorial was awesome as well! I want to do a mini-makeover in my kitchen and I am totally going to give this a try. With these counter tops and some cabinet refacing I am hoping my kitchen looks as good as yours! Sending love from Fort Wayne!!!

  4. Thanks for sharing this awesome project! I can’t wait to do this in my bathroom. As soon as I’m done painting the vanity, we’re going to bring in a pro to refinish the wood floor and finish off the bathroom of our dreams!

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